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On my 2012 Sierra, it has the Tpms. Recommended tire pressure for the truck is 45psi front and rear. The winter tires I will be using have a max pressure of 44psi. I was curious if anyone knew how many psi below recommended pressure listed on the door I can go before the TPMS tells me my tires are low.

So if recommended is 45, can I run my winter tires at 40 without getting a warning. I could just not bother with sensors in the winter tires, but can't stand having idiot lights on.


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Hey Mike,

For comparison, on the TBSS, they recommend a pressure of 35PSI on their stock tires (RSA).

On the Prada Spec-X I run, they recommend a pressure of 45PSI.

I run them at 45PSI. The TPMS won't freak out on me unless they go to 55PSI (high) or 28PSI (low).

I think you've got a good range to work with there bud! :thumbsup:


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A little late to this thread. I believe the TPMS threshold is 10% low before it should trip. It sounds like you didn't get the right load rating on the tires. Don't exceed the sidewall max pressure!

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