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Not exactly Tech2 related but this site will give you info on the latest calibration available for your various modules and PCM. Just punch in your VIN and check the particular module. For example, on my 02 TB, there were several updates for the PCM for idling issues, the fan, overheating and shifting.

GM Vehicle Calibration Information

VIN: 1GNET16S526134103
Controller: PCM/VCM Powertrain/Vehicle Control Module

Calibration History for: Operating system
Part Number CVN Bulletin # Description
12587430 0000D75E - New calibration to improve idle stability
12579238 N/A - Operating system software replaces 12571911, 12213305 and 12575262

Calibration History for: Engine
Part Number CVN Bulletin # Description
12591954 0000FF37 - New calibration for diagnostic enhancements
12587441 00003A8F - New calibration to improve idle stability
12583556 000033BA - New calibration to correct cold idle fluctuation at altitude and/or warm hesitation on acceleration
12579249 0000AF11 - Calibration to correct cold start idle surge and hesitation
12576999 0000ABC0 - Engine calibration

Calibration History for: Transmission
Part Number CVN Bulletin # Description
12583717 0000F076 - New calibration to correct cold start/shift problems
12579259 00007A11 - New calibration to improve feel of 1-2 upshift
12573458 0000AE39 - Transmission calibration

Calibration History for: Speedometer
Part Number CVN Bulletin # Description
9351579 0000A898 - Speedometer calibration

Calibration History for: System
Part Number CVN Bulletin # Description
12596395 0000ED28 - New calibration to address customer complaint of overheat condition.
12587759 000030A6 - Enhanced Calibration for Cooling Fan Noise Reduction
12583726 00000E9A - New calibration for improved fan control
12577539 0000CB8A - System calibration

Calibration History for: Electronic Throttle Control
Part Number CVN Bulletin # Description
12571574 00003BC9 - Electronic throttle control calibration


This is for information only. Won't allow you to download or actually update anything but will tell you if there is an update available and if it addresses a particular issue instead of wasting time with TIS2000, which basically gives you the same info.


I went down this road with my 02 Tb and got similar results. When I brought it to the dealer they stated it was up to date. My question is, how do I know what is really in my PCM vs the potential BS that I received. I was looking into finding the dates these updates came out and met with zero results. Can you recommend anything?


The only way would be to hook up a Tech 2 and read what software version is in the modules.

Unless you're experiencing an issue with a particular module, you don't have to update it. For example, I had an issue with my passenger door module occasionally not powering up. I thought it was defective but until I started playing around with the Tech 2 and checking each module, I never would have known about this update.

The main one that gets updated most often is the PCM, especially the first couple of years of this platform. They probably did check to see if it has the latest software but probably didn't check all the other modules because it does take time. It's basically the same process as the site except that the Tech 2 shows what you have. If they didn't hook it up, they might have seen a service history indicating that it was updated. If everything is working fine, don't worry about it.


Thanks for getting back on that. I have a knock I've been chasing for a while now. Are you aware of Mode $06 component Id's for my 2002 tb? I'm having a heck of a time on it. I believe I'm going to initiate a thread and post my OBDII results. Thank you for your time!


Never heard of that before. Go ahead and post it up in the Technical section. Maybe someone else had a similar issue.


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Are the calibration numbers the same numbers you would pull off your models (i.e. ECM/PCM/BCM) with the Tech 2? I guess I got confused as I pulled my configuration IDs off my ECM and BCM and they do not match any numbers listed for my vehicle on the site. Have you seen that before?

Also can these numbers relate to VCIs at all?

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