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Hey guys,

I just bought a 1999 Silverado extended cab short box step side. It has 265/65/r20 tires on it right now with American racing wheels. If I turn to sharp the front wheels rub on the fender. My question is can I go down to a 265/55/r20 and stop the rub also, is it going to look weird with smaller tires.

I still have the factory spare which I believe to be a 16. If I were to get a flat can I use that spare or would it be better to get a 20 for a spare. Thanks in advance.


Switching from the 265/65 20 to the 265/55 20, you are going from a 33.6" tire to a 31.5" tire which may stop the rubbing.

If the tire size on the 16" wheel is the same as on the 20 you should be fine, though not recommended for a long period of time.