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My wife's 05 TB was surging and stalling when she would stop at lights etc...

I read in the other site that the throttle body was most likely the main culprit and it should be cleaned. I figured if the intake was going to be off, and the coil packs were going to be exposed, I would change the plugs. The truck has 83k + miles on it and I was almost certain that the plugs were the original plugs in the truck.

I got the ACDelco 41-103 Iridium Spark plugs and a can of CRC throttle body cleaner. The removing and cleaning of the throttle body was straight forward and very easy to accomplish. I used a plastic bristle detail brush on the body due to the major build up. Once it was all broken up it was just a simple task of taking a rag and some elbow grease to get it spotless.

I moved on to the plugs, I chose to start with the easy ones first (2-5) saving the 1 & 6 plugs for the end. Again another straight forward job, remove old plug, anti-seize and boot lube on the new plugs, start by hand and then tighten to 13 ft/lbs. I didn't have a torque wrench, i just used my judgement with the tightness. I went tight enough where I thought it was going to be too much and then I stopped.

the #6 plug wasn't too bad, I had a 6" extension that I used to get the plug out, once I was able to turn the plug by hand I removed the ratchet so it wouldn't get stuck under the fire wall. The #1 plug was by far the hardest, having to deal with the cable channel that was above the coil pack. With a little maneuvering I was able to get it out and back in with some effort.

I got everything buttoned up and started the truck, and immediately i knew something was wrong. There was an obvious miss somewhere, the idle was very rough and the check engine light was flashing. I shut the truck off and went back to look at the coil packs. I unbolted each pack again and made sure that they were all seated correctly. I think the #4 boot was not on the plug and was sitting next to it. Once that was done I started it again and it ran smooth as a baby's butt...

Here are some pictures of the before and after of the throttle body and a few shots of the plugs that came out of the motor.

These are the dirty pictures
View attachment 16683

These are the clean pictures
View attachment 16686

and here are the pictures of the original plugs:
View attachment 16688

I want to thank everyone here for the help that was given to me. Without the knowledge on here and over at TV i wouldn't have been able to diagnose the issue and correct it.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.



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Nov 21, 2011
Nice man!! TV was a great site with info but its time to move on to a better site with the same info but more clarification and no ADS :wootwoot:


Nov 20, 2011
ItsOnVoy said:
Nice man!! TV was a great site with info but its time to move on to a better site with the same info but more clarification and no ADS :wootwoot:

there still will be a few adds to off set the cost!!! I should start thinking about changing my plugs soon


Dec 5, 2011
The 4th plug looks like it is ashy looking. On the close up shot, it looks ashy too. Did you have a misfire on one of the cylinders? Just wondering becasue the rest of the plugs look ok.

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