"The Fabrication Series" Everything You Wanted to Know about Metal-Working


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Most of us who are familiar enough with the General Concepts behind Metal Fabrication and Welding Projects to want to know MORE about how to actually DO many of those things will be very interested in finding THE place to go to get all of the Dope on “How To Do Metal Working and Welding Jobs…The Right Way...”.

So Check Out Mr. Justin People, Retired Enlisted United States NAVY Veteran and his Youtube Channel if you want to Learn More:

Pick One:

(1) Repairing a Broken Trailer Tang or Damaged “Cow Catcher” Off Road Bumper-Shields.
(2) Fabrication of an Aluminum Oil Catch Can or Oil Cooler Can for a Turbo-Charger System.
(3) Welding 4130 Chrome-Moly Steel Tubing or Square Stock Steel Framing.
(4) Tig Welding Stainless Steel (Headers & Other Automotive Applications).
(5) Mig Welding Mild Steel Fabrications.
(6) Using Heat to Break Loose Impacted or Rusted Parts/Components.
(7) General Metal Fabrications… You NAME it...
(8) Modifying or Repairing Expensive, Damaged or Broken Tools.
(9) Repairing ‘Impossible to Replace’ Hardware on Rare Machinery.
(10) ANY Project that you thought you would NEVER, EVER have to work on…



Here is a Great Example of the Value of These Videos:

So you want to make your OWN Stainless Steel Headers... Huh?

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