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Got some help and you want to say "Thanks!"? This is the place. Instead of bringing a dead thread back to life for no other reason than to say thanks, say it here! You can put a link back to the original thread that helped you if you want. You can also let everybody know if you saved some money or was able to show off your knowledge to a dealer (love that!)

Or you just want to say thanks to everybody, the staff, a particular member, post it up here too.

Even if you're just a lurker, you can post a Thank You so we know we're doing some good :love0001:

So I'll start it off. I want to say Thank You to all who have and continue to contribute to the community. Without you, there is no community and our platform would likely just fade away. The camaraderie is also second to none.


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I would say thanks to the folks who keep this site running as well as everyone who is always so willing to help others keep their ride running the way it should. You guys rock!


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Thank you for this thread.

(And you know like a bunch of other ones too.)

smt 59

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To all the staff and members who have been a great help to me over the years, Thank you. This is not only a place for technical information and a place to get you out of a mechanical jam, but it is has also been a place to just have some laughs and interact with other enthusiasts.


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My thanks to the people who thought to bring this site online in response to what was going on with the 'other' one. :2thumbsup: Although it would be better to have a higher ranking than the other one in web searches - took me a while to find you! :duh:

I'll also thank the members who continue to spend time here and provide info and advice, even some who no longer have their GMT360 /370s, and have moved on to other vehicles. That's dedication :tiphat:


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I recently found this site after some wasted time on the 'other',… the ppl and staff here seem more pleasant and more willing to help out, thank you all.


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Serious Props and a "Tusen Takke" to @Jman423 for such rapid responses to our concerns. It is a LOT of Work... but already ... the Changes You and The Staff are making have worked out so very well!


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My thanks to @Matt for info on disabling all of the options in order to stop the side mirrors from going out of adjustment when using the remote to unlock. I had 2 of the 3 disabled, but not the third. Now I can use the remote to unlock w/o worrying about having to reset the mirrors. Bliss... LOL

You need to disable easy seat exit, curb view and seat memory. If you can't live without those 3 things then you'll have to deal with wonky mirrors.


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I want to thank the following members: @Bow_Tied ( Provided visual diagram / model on how to fix passenger side headlight intermittency ) & @christo829 ( supplemental headlight information ) , @Reprise ( Lots of useful answers and support ) , @Chickenhawk ( Helping me to focus in and take action ) , @Matt ( Guides / Suggestions / Support ) , @Mounce & @Mathoran ( Providing supplemental comments and information ) , @budwich ( Answering my sarcastic questions :wink: ) , and finally @Mooseman ( Helping me to troubleshoot using logic, tool suggestions, and answering all of my technical questions ) . You guys are all truly great! I've learned a lot thanks to all of you! You have saved me $$$. Thank you! Thank you! Time to buy everyone a round :wink:
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From the “Green-Eyed Goddess of Mechanical Breakdowns”… She Bestows a Kiss to Give Thanks to the Hero of GMT Nation ...Wishing him and All of Our Brothers up in The Great White North… A Very Merry Christmas… and a Happy New Year… Better Days Are Coming...:>)



Just a reminder if you want to give thanks to an individual member or the whole community, this is the place!

And we do appreciate it! :grouphug:

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