Thank You Board! CV axle replacement.


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Aug 8, 2012
I had to replace my driver’s side CV axle. It started to make noise and vibrate. I swore it was coming from the passenger’s side. I had the front differential rebuilt this summer and they replaced the passenger’s side then. I check it out and then when to check the fluid level in the differential and saw that the driver’s side axle puked its guts out. I read up on axle and seal replacement.

Things that worked for me were:

The 3 foot piece of 2x2 with an angle cut, 3 whacks of a 3lbs hammer and it popped right out. I tried pry bars and a pickle fork but could get in there right. The long 2x2 I could get it up there and had room to swing the hammer.

Removing the seal I tried screwdrivers and they all were bending I grabbed a claw hammer carefully put the claw in and pulled then turned it 45 degree and it came out easy.

The hardest part for me was installing the new axle. The spring clip was loose in the grove causing it to hang up. I reshaped the clip and used some synthetic grease to float the clip toward the center and with a little wiggle it went right in.


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