eBay TH350 rebuild input


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I don't think it's that. I think we just just have enough experience (if any) experience in rebuilding tranny's to be able to comment.

But, since it's used only for plow work, would it really make a difference if you get premium parts? Or maybe it does since it's a workhorse.


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I ended up ordering the next best(stage 4) kit. I did one of these years ago and they are a pretty straight forward tranny requiring no special tools.
I'm converting it from a 465 gear box to auto, mostly as a fun project that has no deadline.BTW it's 87 Samurai sitting on a shortened 77 Blazer chassis.


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Cool truck!

The Alto parts are supposed to be bulletproof, from everything that I've read. So if the stage 4 kit contains them as well, you should be in good shape.