Tension rod?


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What is the bar that goes from the right side of the rear axle up to the left side of the frame? I was changing the fuel filler neck today and it snapped from rot. Sadly my time is numbered with this truck, unless I find someone who is willing to help me with a frame swap locally. The body/interior is clean with 110K. Under it is a different story.

Only thing I found online is part 7 but its reversed than mine and it says its on the SS

On a related note....

Did any 360's have a screw on gas cap? The filler I got from Rock takes one and not the 1/4 turn with 2 ears style, waiting to hear what they say.


It's also called a panhard bar.

Have never heard of a full screw in gas cap on our trucks, although I haven't really looked either.


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:undecided: You know, I've never even noticed that bar before :bonk:
Go have a look at it. The one on my truck was in bad shape. Part of the reason why I had a new one powder coated and swapped out. Although yours might be good since your down south.


Yeah, I went for a look after I saw your pic. Since there's no splash of color under there, and the spare in place, it blends in with everything else.


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Thanks! What movement does it control?

wonder how much I could get one for out of a wreck locally.


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The panhard prevents lateral (side to side) movement of the axle. Think 'left /right', as if you were looking from the rear.

They're usually seen paired with a 'lateral link' on each side, which prevents forward / backward movement of the axle. Also, they're more commonly seen / beneficial in larger vehicles, which is why you really don't see them in today's cars, not to mention that most are FWD (or front-biased), and have a transaxle as a result.

As for why it's called a Panhard... that was the name of the Frenchman who came up with it in the early 1900's.
(above info courtesy of Wikipedia... lol)
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My panhard is in good shape. The bolt on the right side (panhard bar to chassis mount) appears to be seized. Do these bolt have a tendency to seize in to the bushing like a control arm? I am getting movement with a breaker bar but I think the bolt is seized and that is the head ready to let loose. I cant tell from where I have to lay to see if the threads are turning.

The upper part of the support brace (panhard bar chassis mount to chassis) came right off.


Anytime you have a steel bolt running through a steel sleeve you run a chance if them rusting together. Those bolts are pretty big IIRC so twisting the head off would likely be a big undertaking. More likely the sleeve would tear free from the rubber.

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