Tailgate window glass on '89 Suburban moves Slowwwww


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Apr 13, 2012
We have an old Suburban with 145K miles that we use for a ranch truck. Over the last few years, the tailgate glass has moved real slow and you sometimes need to give it a hand to raise or lower it.

I've replaced the tailgate window regulator in my Envoy XUV (which replaced the Suburban for on-road SUV duties). I had done a search online a while back for a new regulator for the Suburban. Is it just too old for them to be available anymore or did they use a different method the move the glass up & down? I'd really like to resurrect this and get it working better since now it is a two person exercise.


Nov 18, 2011
The wiring was corroded on my 91 Burban and replacing that really helped.
Feb 24, 2012
I had to replace the motor on my '86 burb. While I had it out I lubed everything and replaced the side tracks too (one was rusted/broken and the window flopped around a bit) When I was done the window flew up and down like a guillotine! I found the tracks still available through GM parts, not very expensive either. That was a few years ago though, not sure how much luck you'll have finding new hardware besides the motor.

Anyway, make sure everything in there is good and clean, and the guides have plenty of grease. I also found improving the ground wires on my '05 made a HUGE difference in the way the rear wiper worked (or didn't work). May want to go over the grounds and add a wire, since it probably grounds through the hinges.

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