Stupid strut mount question


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I'm replacing my whole front end and the one item I haven't got is the upper strut mount my question is the Monroe and Moog show the mount with the nuts and the washer where the auto zone shows the same thing but also what appears to be a thin rubber gasket. Are they all suppose to come with that little rubber gasket or what?
No rubber gasket that I'm aware of from mine either. Not sure where that would go.
along the same line of questioning-

I want to rebuild my Saab 9.7x original strut assembly using the stock springs, and new Bilstein 24-10336 struts.

My question is, what is recommended to be the best quality strut mount?
And do they all come with a lower spring isolator?

I have seen units offered from KYB, Moog, Monroe, etc....
I am sure there is an AC Delco strut mount although I can't find them online.

I tried Moog and a house brand on a Volvo S80 and they lasted only 10k miles.
I used the KYB's and they are still good after about 100k km (truck itself died, kept them). But the mounts on these trucks are not like most. They don't move. They're just a cradle for the top of the spring. The only thing that could happen is the rubber deteriorates.
The 9.7x seems to have a much harder compound on the strut bushing, almost like a hard plastic. And there is no bearing for obvious reasons. Still, I don't see any comments anywhere on who used what. I expect most just used the original bushing as it was deemed serviceable. I would rather use new if there is a proven one out there, so I will probably take your suggestion on the KYB.

Since I have not taken one of these apart, does it use a rubber isolator under the spring- between the spring and the spring perch built into the strut? I see in this diagram part #34 appears to be a spring isolator, but does not actually call it out in the parts list.[]=LL8


They are all the hard plastic on the strut bushing. I replaced a couple sets over the years and all the aftermarket look n feel identical.

I dont remember a rubber on the bottom, but have a couple spare sets around I can look at if I can find them.
Yeah, I had been jumping back and forth and I forgot I was not on a Saab specific site. But you are correct, it would be the same for all GMT360 platforms except the shorter springs and maybe the OEM Bilstein shocks. In those cases, I think all Saab 9.7x's and the Trailblazer SS shared the same parts.
They all had Bilstein shock OEM. But the springs were only SS n saab I think, maybe denali.