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I would like to make it possible for my daughter to be able to connect/stream music from her iPhone onto the factory Bose stereo in her 2005 GMC Envoy (with steering wheel controls and On-Star) and need some help. Awhile back I bought the TranzIt USB (IS32) and tried to install it per the instructions. However, it has never really worked properly, When I hook a phone up to it and play music, the musical part of a song plays but no vocals (sounds quality isn't very good either). Also, when I turn off the Tranzlt, reception on regular FM radio stations isn't nearly as good as it was before the Tranzlt was installed. I tried contacting iSimple but they weren't much help. Any ideas on what the problem might be? Is there another inexpensive way to give her this ability? Thanks in advance!


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I have the BlueFusion in my Envoy, and LOVE it, I use it everyday. It plays anything my android phone throws at it, iHeart, Pandora, YouTube, movies or songs that are on my phone, etc. If you have XM, there is a specific unit to buy, and without XM a specific unit to buy. But otherwise, your radio operates and acts just like normal. This is not a inline adaptor you add for FM modulation. Its becomes a physical part of the radio, and the sound quality is CD or better.

Its fairly easy to install, but the radio does have to come out. Then you just wire a Hot and ground to the 12V port, plug and play on the back of the radio, and run the microphone to wherever you want it.

Generic install instructions:

I have the iSimple in my avalanche, and i prefer the bluefusion, although there are more options for the iSimple (HD radio, Android/IOS options, etc).

Since you have a 2005, it should be pretty straight foward. If you had a 2002-2003, you would have to make sure you had a radio that said BAND and not AM/FM.


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Never could get the iSimple Tranzlt to work. Bought a FM transmitter instead. I am selling the iSimple Tranzlt for $30 if anyone is interested.


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The Tranzit is a FM Modulator, for use on the older radios that dont have the XM capability. For GM radios, its where is says AM/FM or Band on the radio. If the radio says AM/FM than that kit would work. As long as your radio sound quality as it is now, than you wont have a problem. If your an audiophile, than you are not going to like it.

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