Steering wheel free play

I've had several components replaced in the front suspension, idler arm, etc., it drives straight down the road doesn't wander, but there is a fair amount of play in the steering wheel. Would that be a worn steering box, or since it is adjustable steering column something loose there? Ball joints seem to be ok. (Is a 4wd, bearings and seals have been replaced in the pumpkin)


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No idler arm or steering box on these, rack and pinion straight into tierods directly to the knuckles. Would check inner and outer tierods for play.

*assuming you're talking about a Trailblazer/Envoy etc since I can't see vehicle info from mobile.
I hate the old boxes and the linkages just for that. So many things to go loose. Even when replacing everything, it's still loose.


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Gotcha, wrong platform.

Similar though, my new to me 03 Silverado has a small amount of play when the wheel is straight, worried me at first but have decided it's negligible and probably normal with the design of the steering system. So many parts, would much prefer standard rack and pinion for simplicity.
I have heard that when you have an adjustable steering wheel that it can loosen up somehow and get loose. Actually it kinda feels like that may be it. Doesn't wander or pull or bounce around and was recently aligned. Lotsa new parts under there.