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Steering Racks across models

Discussion in 'OEM' started by griffincox, Jul 11, 2016.

  1. griffincox

    griffincox Member

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    I have come across an interesting conundrum.

    Right now I have a '07 TB LS (4.2i), '07 Saab 9-7x (4.2i), and '08 TBSS. All three of these vehicles have a different ratio steering rack; 20.1:1, 18.5:1 and 16.0:1.

    I am wanting to get a reman rack for the Saab as its leaking bad and worn out. When shopping for racks for these vehicles it seem like no one (AC Delco, Advance Auto, AutoZone, Amazon, etc) recognizes the variety of racks. They treat every vehicle the same and show the same part number for the three above vehicles.

    I understand that they all swap and I could technically install whichever I'd like, but I also believe that a change in ratio would affect the stability control system, as for a given steering wheel position, the front tires would be at different angles based on rack ratio.

    Anyway, long story short, does anyone have part numbers for the three racks or a way to choose the correct ratio. I feel like I am taking crazy pills. Even GM diagrams don't clarify this issue.
  2. gmcman

    gmcman Well-Known Member

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    Good question, I'm looking to change mine out soon as well and knowing if I should opt for the Saab over the OE in the Envoy would be good info.

    This topic has been discussed before but I didn't know some of the parts stores used the same numbers. Interested in the results.
  3. Mooseman

    Mooseman Moderator

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    Maybe the only way to keep your current ratio is to have your rack rebuilt by a local rebuilder.
  4. littleblazer

    littleblazer Gold Supporter

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    There seems to be a pn for a sport performance package on a trailblazer... 19330461 whole rack.
  5. jsinga

    jsinga Member

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    just rebuild the one you have. Then you know you have new inner tie rods. Sometimes they dont change both of them.
    get the Edleman kit form RockAuto. They make all the kits and everyone else just relabels their box. Pick what ever tierod you want.


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