SUPPORT {SOLVED!} Problems with Firefox Failed Addons-Non-Signed APIs


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Not being a "Luddite" by any stretch of the imagination, it makes me look like one whenever I go into a Rage about the Technical 'Droogs' over at Firefox tinkering with features that always seem to work fine... until they start Fiddle-F*****g around with them... and then they DON'T!

If you haven't noticed this problem yet... check your "Add-Ons" feature in the Menu Index of your Firefox Browser and do not be surprised if the majority of them have been either disabled or deleted....providing an Error Message when downloading them that reads:

"Download failed. Please check your connection."

...Which is just a Crock of Steaming Horse Manure... because the actual problem has to do with them 'changing the rules' that will ONLY allow SIGNED and VERIFIED Add-On APIs to the Browser. I wish these Firefox Mopes would simply leave well enough alone and stop lying to their Browser Users about a problem that has nothing whatsoever to do with the End User Hardware when browsing with the Firefox Application.

If you have discovered an easy fix or a work-around for these Add-On Issues, Let us All Know.... Please.


For any Linux OS Users... I already tried to install the Debian Alternative Browser for Firefox on my Dell Precision M4700 Laptop as a work-around called "Ice Weasel" and this what the 'sudo install... reply advised on the Terminal Screen:


So unfortunately... THAT was no solution...
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Crap, just noticed that Ad Blocker has been disabled. A number of my add-ons have been disabled :mad:

A quick Google search reveals that this was unintentional and a fix should be install itself if you have the setting as described enabled.



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For anyone experiencing problems with the Firefox Browser disallowing Unsigned Add-Ons and Security Features or disabling existing ones... Until they sort out these problems... You might try out using the alternative Browser Called "Opera" which will allow you to "Add" in Ad-On Ad-Blockers, Video Downloaders, etc.

For the Admins and Mods... Please be advised that when using the latest version of Firefox on Linux Mint 19.1 Operating System... ALL of the Advertisements in the Right Column are BLANKED OUT (Whited Out, Actually). However... after loading and setting up the "Opera" Browser... I can see ALL of the Advertisements in a normal fashion. For anyone interested in this temporary Internet Browsing Option... here is the link to "Opera":



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On Thursday, May 9th, 2019 at around 02:00 AM... I received a Linux Mint Ver. 19.1 Software Update Alert that came as a .DEB File automated download in the name of "Firefox". Ordinarily, once any Updates are initiated via the LM "APT" GUI Program called "SynAPTic"... after they properly install and get completed, any earlier Failed or Problematic .DEB Files get removed from the computer to keep the Operating System as clean as possible. Such was the case here... and as soon as I opened the Firefox Browser... All of the recently Failed Add-Ons were working properly again.

Please check your Windows and MAC Machines Firefox Browser Add-Ons to verify that yours are also working again as well. I'm not sure that I'll continue using the Firefox Browser henceforth because the Opera Browser has proven itself to work much faster and easier AND the Text and Images appear much more clear and less 'fuzzy' around the edges. I've been enjoying using it as a stand-in for the Firefox Browser....AND One More AND...

And it comes with a
FREE VPN (Virtual Private Network) Capability!

Time will tell...

I think we can Mark This One as being [SOLVED!]
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