FOR SALE SOLD - For Postage Cost (free otherwise) - Sonnax pinless accumulator 77998

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On edit: Xavierny25 has requested this be sent to him.
Thanks to everyone for playing...we have some nice parting gifts for those of you playing at home. :smile:

Found this today when I was doing some garage cleanup - I won't need it, and I'd rather see it go to someone on this site that can (WILL) use it.
When I put in my 4L60E kit from CT Powertrain, one of my accumulator pistons was actually aluminum instead of plastic, so I repurposed it in the 3-4 position, and didn't use this one (it can be used in either the 1-2 or the 3-4; I'd recommend the 1-2 if you have a choice, like I did.)

Anyway, cheapest price online I can find is Summit, at about $9, plus shipping. Most others are about $15; CT Powertrain sells them singly for $16
Your cost from me: USPS shipping, which I know will be cheaper than $9. Part is new in unopened bag.

If you're interested or have questions, send me a PM.
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