Slip yoke question

I am in the process of rebuilding my rear drive shaft. I am driving a 2006 Trailblazer 4.2l I6. Anyways, to my question I recently purchased a new nickel plated slip yoke from AAM to replace the stock one as it was severely rusted. The new slip yoke looks exactly the same as the stock one. It is also the same in all dimensions after measuring. The only difference is the new slip yoke is 3/4" longer on the barrel end than the stock one. Will this cause any issues with binding or clearance issues on the output shaft of the transfer case? I know 3/4" isn't much, but wanted to be on the safe side and ask you guys first. I feel it could be a plus as more of the slip yoke is engaged onto the output shaft. Let me know what you guys think.

Maybe. You would have to put back your old yoke with the driveshaft, reinstall it in the truck, measure the distance between the end of the tail shaft and the end of the clean part on the yoke. This would be your normal range of travel. If it's less than 3/4", you should be fine.

If it was me, unless the truck was lifted, I'd get that 3/4" machined off.
I found that the overall length of my stock steel vs my stock aluminum was about 3/4 difference so that may account for the why

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