Shopping for a Travel Trailer - suggestions?


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One of the 'big' yearly RV shows is coming to town in a couple of weeks. Have had the bug since driving a Class C w/ the wife through Alaska & Canada a few years back.

It's finally time for me to start looking seriously for a TT, as it won't sit unused 50 weeks a year now.

I've got an Envoy XL w/ 5.3L, 4x4, 4L60 built for towing, stacked plate cooler installed. Runs around 150-160F during the warm months.
Rated for 7K tow, although I doubt I'd go above 5K - I know water & gear adds up quick.
Unless I find something super light, which I'm not really constrained to, I'll be acquiring a WD hitch & a Prodigy. Plus the LWB helps for stability.
Ideally, something that I can be a 'mobile snowbird' with during the winter months. Come back home during the spring thaw. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Things I want, at a minimum:
- Commode & shower (doesn't need to be huge; location near the entry door is bonus). Don't need a jack/jill arrangement, either.
- Tankless WH (DSI, etc.)
- A grey water tank larger than 30g. I think 50g would be decent. BW can be 30 (or smaller), Fresh, at least 30.
(On-board water purification would be a nice bonus - I expect potable water to become more of a scarcity in some areas)​
- An innerspring (or memory foam, etc.) queen, in 'walk-around' (North-South) config from both sides. A Murphy would be OK, but I think I'd be sacrificing on the mattress end.
- If it sleeps 4 (or less), that's fine. (no kids, just 'me' for now)
- 50 Amp service (just in case; prewiring for a 2nd A/C, etc., is OK)
- Dual propane tanks up front (I don't want to have to be looking for refills in every town and hamlet... :frown:
- If it has slider(s), nothing in the slide w/ electrical, plumbing, etc. (so basically dinette or sofa-type...or a bed)
(from what I see, by the time you get to 5000 lbs, you're in multiple slider territory)​
- Probably around 24' or so. I can get storage during the 'off-season', and I don't plan on driving in cities.
(I also know there are size limits at some places (Nat'l Parks, others?), and I think 24' is about the max for that)​
- A company known for quality build - something that won't fall apart in a year or two, and retain some resale value (I know, I
- I'm OK w/ a 'newer' used one, as well, as long as it's still solid. These things depreciate like no one's business.
- With 'vintage' all the rage, I'm OK with it, as long as I'm not sacrificing room / amenities (see above)
- Probably a double axle, if it's on the heavy side (more to guard against a blowout with the China bombs)
- Something fairly easy to maintain, but I have tools and mechanical aptitude, so I'm not scared away by maintenance.

Things I really don't want:
- A soft-sided pop-top. If there be bears, I don't want to have to fight one off defending my vittles. Hardside passes muster at Natn'l Parks.
(I've looked at Aliners, etc. - but they're a bit small for extended travel, and expensive. Not Airstream expensive, but still.)​
(I've also looked at the glassers (e.g.; Amigo, etc.) Again, I'd probably want something larger)​
- Speaking of...Not an Airstream (spendy, yes, and I don't fancy driving a silver bullet down the road - I don't need a status symbol)
- A Class A or C motorhome (although I'll keep a Class A in mind if I ever decide to do a F/T thing)
- Driving new ones from Elkhart, IN cross-country to dealers. I'm not looking for a 'job' and 'deadlines'...LMAO
- A 5'er. I didn't spend the last couple of years fixing the Voy up just to dump it at a loss for a new tow vehicle (maybe later...muuuuch later)
(the shortened length / turn radius of these is appealing, I'll admit)​

So...with those things in mind... what companies' offerings would be good to look at, especially for a first-time TT owner? I know a big chunk of the market is owned by Thor, and they've got a lot of brands in their portfolio.
I'll continue to do the homework, as I know I'm being picky WRT features & floorplan. Just looking for suggestions at the 'brand' level so I'm not wasting time with non-contenders, bad value, etc.

If you read this far... bless you... :hail: And if there's anything 'obvious' that I forgot about, please chime in.
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