Setting up VCx/MDI/Tech2win


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I found this very good description of getting things setup and running, and thought I should share.
I make no claim of writing it! Just re-formatted for easier reading. :smile:
Before you begin, make sure you do NOT have the VXDiag hardware you bought from ******* connected to the computer!

1) Install the VM software “VMware-player”. Accept all the defaults. Be patient and let it finish. If it asks to reboot, do it. Also, never open the VMWare program itself. This is just installed with an image file that the other software accesses behind the scenes. All of the software you install will be installed on your normal Windows PC, NOT in the VMWare instance.

2) Install the VX software “VX Manager” (the VX software is for the diagnostic connector that connects to the car, and takes the place of GM's MDI). You may get an error about a missing “MDI driver”. That’s fine. Just ignore it. Again, be patient and let it completely finish the install.

3) Install Tech2Win. It is located in the “Tech2Win” folder and named “AutoInstall”. Again, be PATIENT. Let it finish. (This also installs the GM MDI driver for you)

4) Connect the USB cable to your PC and the VXDiag hardware you bought from Amazon. Now wait for it to find and auto install the driver for it. It will scan windows update, and for me this part of the install took almost 45 minutes for whatever reason. You can’t move to step 5 until this is completed.

5) BEFORE you open the Tech2Win program you just installed, you must first open and run the VX Manger software with the VXDiag hardware connected to the USB, so the VX manager recognizes it (if you do not do this FIRST, the Tech2 program will not be able to locate the interface in the next step, and will display "no communication".) The VX Manager software will open and say it is connected. If this doesn’t happen, you made a mistake in the previous steps.

6) With the VX Manager still running, open the Tech2Win application you installed, it will automatically open via a virtual machine on your computer passively, there is nothing you need to do with the VM software (this is also why you can use the software on a 64 bit computer).

7) Once the Tech2Win application opens it will ask you to “please choose an option”. Make sure the radio button next to “start” is selected, and below that click the corresponding button for your car make/model (for my Pontiac I used “North American”).

8) At this point it will ask you to “Select Manufacturer”. I had 2 options. Choose the first one for the “GM MDI” (this is NOT an MDI2 connector). Then it will ask you to “Select the interface you want to use”, you should only have one option if you are connected via USB, so select the USB connection.

9) Now you can connect to the vehicle and begin polling data.

A couple of tips:
* Your car needs to be running for it to pull all of the data it needs.
* The 3rd digit of your vehicle’s VIN is the letter you want for your vehicle’s “product line”.
* If you have any issue with the Tech2Win software doing a connection timer count, or saying the CANdi module isn’t installed you chose the wrong options, or the VXDiag hardware isn’t properly connected to your car’s ODB2 port. You can also enable/disable CANdi emulation in the Tech2Win program under “options” on the main blue screen.
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Could you post a link to the original place you found this article? Otherwise, we may have to delete it as per the rules.

And would you have a link to the USB cable and/or hardware required? This does sound interesting as an option to a Tech 2.


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After playing for a month I went back yesterday and read that on amazon and applied it .
It worked and hope today will get a chance to try it , seems simply but so far only way I found
to get up and running, like I say have been trying a month all types of stuff, will see. jeb
Hi, been doing other stuff, this is follow up. After installing vxdiag and playing with it I found it works but some stuff in reset would not allow me to do. Would get no communication, check hookup ignition on or off message. It was working Ok, would switch to different diagnosis and would work, so what I did was I opened VMware and installed winxp professional, then I installed tis2000 with crack I bought. Three disc program. Install disc 1, close program put disc 2 in cd drive, open tis2000 and let update. From third disc which is video on install and a supra file I copied supra file and paste on winxp desk top. The tis2000 lets winxp use usb connection. This is like a gm. mdi install with tis2000 crack. With this I was able to do more and it worked better, I reset bcm ,lgm, key flobs, radio , and checked lot of other things , still not done but it works better, JEB
From Tis2000, were you able to use the Tech 2 emulator? If that's the case, then you can pretty much do everything that a Tech 2 itself can do.
Yes the tis2000 with crack, lets everything come together. When tis2000 is configured it finds vxgiag nano instead of gm. mdi and as far as I can see works like tech2 maybe with a few programs less but most stuff is recognized. still working on key fob, program said I am programed but fob doesn't work, I think it maybe because truck has 12 disc cd changer and has conflict with rf modular set up. I 'll figure it out, everything else I have done with works. Jeb
Maybe to make this more clear, I bought a 2003 trailblazer, LS model. I seen that it was electronically controlled so I bought the vxdiag nano Gm powered for gds2 $124.00 . And there are no instructions on how to setup. I bought a Dell e5500 laptop with win7 32 bit drive used ebay $70.00 , and I bought the tis2000 3 disc with crack $12.00. I cleaned the laptop so was just blank screen except trash bin. I setup vxdiag as above, it worked but some stuff it would not let me do. I guess that's where $40.00 comes in from gm so you can use this like gm mdi.
this vxdiag is for gm, It works from 1991 to 2015. as far as other vehicle manufactures go I don't know. I know they sell others but are stated for that typw vehicle, IE: ford , dodge Toyota so forth. As I said above I wasn't happy with the way it ran, so I open the VMware install winxp professional. tis2000 and copied the supra crack to desktop. I configured the tis2000 for j2534 vxdiag and supra, . Once everything was configured it worked real good. Nice thing about the tis2000 is once installed there's a tab on top that lets you connect to usb outside of VMware, That's were everything comes together. I'm new at this and thinking about it , it works like a tech2 on gm or close to it. someone else may have different experience. This was the easy way for me to hook it up and have it work. besides from up above I can open , close windows, lock unlock doors, run rear wiper, check door modules, so forth transmission servos, I haven't really began to play with it. jeb
Another thought I remember is my laptop it's win7 professional. 32 bit, I studied up before buying and tried to keep things 32 bit. also kept the wifi internet if have to get gm $40.00 program but crack seems to work ok. Also the vxdiag uses the tech2 screen, also tells you whether to turn ignition on or off, or turn a component on or off, just a matter of understanding tech2 instructions. jeb
You should be able to update modules using tis2000 up to 2007. Beyond that, that's when you need an ACDelco SPS $40 subscription.

Nice work!
Thanks Mooseman, Plan to keep trailblazer long time, with obd2 and this helps me a lot, use only person use, not in it to do repair work for pay. Another thing I thought about is turn off sleep mode in win7, never can tell you,do not want laptop going to sleep while programming a component . I spent a lot of time getting this going and hope this helps someone. jeb

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