samsung galaxy n7000 or US note 2 as prepaid?


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Mar 30, 2012
Guys and gals, Ive been doing allot of research about the note n7000 and the note 2. I have an att S2 i777 and really like it but Id love the bigger screen. I play alot of games and watch movies almost daily. In a few months I would like to get one and purchase it outright and use it for prepaid with straight talk. They price now is 480 for the n7000. and around 700 for note 2 when the us version is released. Id bet that the price for the n7000 will drop more in a few weeks once the us note 2 comes out. Should I get the n7000 or the note 2. Jelly bean is coming to the n7000 soon so that will make it close to equal with the OS. Is the 1 gig of ram and a few more improvements really worth the 200-300 extra price. The 4g lte is not an issue in Altoona pa, My s2 gits up to 6 down with 3G+ so that's good enough speed for my daily use. Any opinions and expertise is greatly appreciated!!!


Nov 18, 2011
it depends?

for watching video, there shouldn't be much of a difference. the note 2 is less wide more tall so it may fit a 16:9 picture on there better
will the note 2 play games better? idk. dual core 1.4ghz vs quad core 1.6ghz but games typically don't make use of multithreading. the video processor is the same in both.

typically i'd say get the most processor you can afford. i wouldn't pay $480 for the note but if the price drops more after the note2 is released i'd consider it

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