Rust repair: Rear door bottoms and front of hood

Just finished this up yesterday on the new-to-us '05 TB.
I saw it before buying, but I already had done research and found that these were common rust areas, especially in rust belt Ohio.
What I did was:
Pulled the door panels and speakers.
Scraped off the worst with a screwdriver.
Washed the area inside and out with soap and water, let dry.
Sandblasted the crap out of it. I knew this would blow a hole in the hood and it did. I just trimmed away the rough edges and made sure the metal was sandblasted clean.
2 coats of SPI white epoxy, cure overnight.
Coat areas with seam sealer. On the hood I put masking tape over the hole as a backer and seam sealed it. Removed the tape with a razor blade after curing overnight.
2 more coats of epoxy primer over the seam sealer.

This is definitely not the "right" way to repair, but the goal was to try and keep the rust at bay. It'll probably come back because the metal was so far gone, but I had to try.
I'm going to rustproof it with used oil after the primer is good and cured, and put a bug shield on it to hide the hood.
Thought I would share the fun. I have the tools to cut/weld in patches, etc, but I just couldn't get in to all of that. Since this is a relatively common vehicle it would be easier to just buy clean doors and hood. We shall see how it holds up!



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Good job. My '02 has a lot of the same surface rust but no holes. I cleaned a lot of it up and primed it to slow the spread .


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Good work. My 02 was/is in the same shape. I ended up getting a new hood, painted with my paint code for about $400 on ebay. Sadly my rear doors are toast and I'm in the process of finding new ones.
I been seeing mine going to shit and think that I may just let it go and and call it patina so my truck is worth more like the ratrod stuff


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Lol I like the patina idea.
it'll be interesting to see how long it holds. I had the tools and materials so it didn't cost me much. It's a b$tch living in the rust belt.

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