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In lieu of having a way to run VINs at least for now that I've seen, I've taken it on myself to catalog RPO option codes. It's slow-going if your sticker has a lot of codes, but it's better than nothing. Note that this list is NOT yet complete, I'm still working on it and I'll try to announce when I've updated the list. Most notable is I am missing a ton of the specific paint color codes, but I'm getting them here and there. Hopefully this can prove useful to someone.

So far I have 244 codes:

AAB - Memory Driver Convenience Package
AJ1 - Deep Tinted Glass
AJ7 - Driver & Passenger Front and Side Air Bags
AK5 - Driver & Right Front Passenger Air Bag (Some Years Passenger-Sensing)
AL0 - Sensor Inf. Restraint, Child Detect
AM7 - Folding Rear Seat
AM9 - Split-Folding Rear Seat Back
AP9 - Cargo Convenience Net
AR9 - Front Bucket Seat, Power
AT8 - Restraint Provisions Child, RR Seat, RR Facing
AU0 - Keyless Remote Door Lock
AXP - MPV VIN Indentification Position
A34 - Power Rear Quarter Windows
A50 - Front Reclining Bucket Seats W/ Floor Console, non-power
BG2 - Third Row Floor Mats
BVE - Side Running Board Steps
B0L - GM Production Week #29
B3N - 1st/2nd Row Floor Mat Delete
B30 - Wheelhousing and Floor Carpeting
B32 - Front Color-Keyed Floor Mats
B33 - Rear Color-Keyed Floor Mats
B42 - Reversible Carpet/Vinyl Cargo Utility Mat
B8P - GM Production Week #40
B8V - GM Production Week #46
B9C - GM Production Week #03
B9G - GM Production Week #07
B84 - Body Side Moldings
B86 - Molding B/S Color
CE1 - Rain Sensing Wipers
CF5 - Electric Sliding Sunroof
CJ2 - Automatic Dual-Zone Climate Control
CJ3 - Manual Dual-Zone Climate Control
C1U - Enterprise Rent-A-Car
C4D - GVW Rating - 5550 LBS
C49 - Electric Rear Window Defogger
C5N - GVW Rating - 5750 LBS
C7H - GVW Rating - 6400 LBS
DAY - Assembly Plant Moraine, OH
DD5 - ISRV Mirrow W/ Compass and Temperature
DD7 - ISRV Mirror W/ Compass
DF5 - ISRV Mirror W/ Compass and Temperature, Auto-Dimming
DH2 - Lighted LH & RH Visor Mirrors
DK2 - Electric OSRV Mirror W/ Defogger
DK7 - Overhead Console
DP2 - Power Outside Rearview Mirrors
DR1 - Mirror O/S LH and RH Manual-Color
DS3 - Mirror LH/RH Remote
DT4 - Ashtray and Lighter
D25 - Mirror O/S LH & RH, Remote, Electric, Heated w/ Turn Signals
EVA - EVAP Emission Requirement
FCH - Hertz Rent-A-Car
FE9 - 50-State Emissions
FLT - Fleet Processing Option
GT4 - 3.73 Ratio Rear Axle
GT5 - 4.10 Ratio Rear Axle
GU6 - 3.42 Ratio Rear Axle
G80 - Locking Differential Rear-Axle
JF4 - Electric Adjustable Pedals
JF8 - Brake Vac Power, 4-Wheel Disc
JJB - PT Dress Subassembly Not Installed (Or just Subassembly)
KA1 - Heated Front Seats
KCV - Vanguard Car Rental
KG3 - 145 Amp Generator
KG4 - 150 Amp Generator
KR8 - Capps Van & Truck Rental (Fleet)
K05 - Engine Block Heater
K18 - Electric Air Injection System
K34 - Electronic Speed Control W/ Resume Speed
LL8 - Vortec 4200 SFI I6
LM4 - Vortec 5300 SFI V8
M30 - 4-Speed Automatic Transmission W/ Overdrive and Electronic Control (4L60E)
NC1 - California Emissions LEV
NE1 - 50-State Emissions
NF2 - Federal Emission System
NF4 - Emissions Clean Fuel Fleet
NF7 - Federal Emission System NLEV
NG1 - 50-State Emissions
NNK - Extended Capacity Fuel Tank
NP5 - Leather-Wrapped Steering Wheel
NP4 - 1-Speed Active Transfer Case (AWD)
NP8 - 2-Speed Active Transfer Case, Electric Autotrac (4x4)
NRE - Catalytic Converter
NT7 - Federal Emission System Tier 2
NT8 - Federal Emission System Tier 2A
NU1 - Emission, California Level 2
NU5 - Emission, California
NW7 - Traction Assist
NZ3 - Full Size Spare
N40 - Power Steering
N74 - 17" Aluminum Bright Wheel
N75 - 17" Aluminum Sport Wheel
N79 - Full Size Spare
N80 - 17" Aluminum Polished Wheel
N86 - Spare Wheel
OKL - Plant - Oklahoma City
PCK - Onstar Plus Package
PCQ 1SA - Package 1SA
PCR - Sun, Sound and Entertainment Package
PDC - Seat, 8-Way Power Driver
PDR - Spring Edition Package
PED - Bravada Memory Package
QC3 - 16" Aluminum Wheel
QC4 - 16" Aluminum Wheel
QNF - P235/75R16
QNG - P235/75R16 Tires
QRE - P245/70R16 Tires
QRF - P245/70R16 Tires
QTE - P245/65R17 Tires
QTM - P245/65R17 Tires
QTR - P245/65R17 Tires (On/Off Road)
Q4B - GVW Rating - 6200 Lbs
RYJ - Retractable Cargo Area Cover
R4W - Tire Brand Michelin
R4Y - Tire Brand Goodyear
R6B - Proc Code, Onstar Not Forced
R6F - Identify B Code Users
R6J - Customer Dialog Network
R6K - Processing Code
R6P - Premium Paint
R6Q - Sun Sound and Entertainment Package Not Desired
R6Y - Onstar Plus Package Not Desired
R7C - Expedite Processing of Orders
R7D - Warranty Holdback
R7E - Interim Price Decrease
R7M - OnStar Delete
R7P - Control-Sales Item No. 40
R8K - >>Trying to figure this one out, exact text: *******************************
R9C - Onstar and Cruise Made Standard
R9N - Processing Code - Seat
R9U - GM Access - Autobook Identifier
R9W - Rear Defogger Not Desired
R9Z - POMS Expedite-Sold Orders/TSE
SLM - Stock Orders
STW - Leather-Wrapped Steering Wheel W/ Controls
TB4 - Liftgate
TFD - Retail Amenity Delete
TFE - Sales Incentive-Commitment Plus
T61 - Daytime Running Lights
T96 - Front Fog Lamps
T98 - Stamping Vehicle Identification Number
UA6 - Theft Deterrent Alarm System
UB0 - AM/FM Radio, CD Player
UC6 - AM/FM Radio, RDS, 6-Disc Changer, Auto Tone Control, and ETR
UE1 - Onstar Communications System (Includes 1 Year Safe & Sound Plan)
UG1 - Homelink
UJ6 - Tire Pressure Monitor
UK6 - Radio Controls RR ST & Earphone
UN0 - AM/FM Stereo W/ CD Player
UPC - Travel Note
UP0 - AM/FM Stereo W/ Cassette and CD Player
UQA - Bose Premium Sound System
UY7 - Trailer Wiring Harness
U2J - XM Satellite Radio Delete
U2K - XM Satellite Radio
U42 - Rear Seat Entertainment System
U68 - Driver Info Center Display
U73 - Fixed-Mast Antenna
VFF - Video Format Region 1 NTSC (DVD Setup)
VG8 - Notice to Buyer Label
VH9 - Envelope Owner Info Manual
VK3 - Front License Plate Mount
VN9 - Daily Rental Repurchase Program
VP6 - Noise Control
VQ2 - Fleet Ordering & Assist. Prog. Without Holdback
VT7 - Owner's Manual, English
VXS - Complete Vehicle Label
VX7 - FLT-Long Term Daily Rental
V1K - Luggage Rack Crossbars
V40 - Power Passenger Seat Provisions
V73 - Statement of Vehicle Cert.-U.S./Canada
V76 - Tow Hooks
X88 - Chevrolet Conversion
YA7 - California Assembly Line Emission Test
YC3 - Base Interior
YC5 - LT Decor/SLE Decor
YC6 - LTZ Decor
YD3 - Base Equip Axle for Scheduling GVW Plate
YD5 - Base Front Spring
YD6 - Base Rear Spring
YF5 - 50-State Low Emission Vehicle
YT1 - Daily Rental Flate Rate Deprec.
YT6 - Ident, Daily Rental Flat Deprec.
ZE5 - LS Model
ZL3 - Cargo Shade, Net and Mat
ZM5 - Underbody Shield Package
ZNF - Spare, All Season Tire
ZQ3 - Driver Convenience Package: Driver Message Center, Auto Climate Control, RR Sear Radio and HVAC Controls, Leather Steering Wheel W/ Controls
ZW7 - Premium Ride Suspension
ZY1 - Solid Ex terior Appearance (Paint)
ZY7 - Two-Tone Appearance
Z31 - Preliminary Invoice
Z49 - Canadian Base Equipment
Z70 - Oldmobile Nameplate
Z88 - GMC Truck Nameplate
Z89 - Market Brand Isuzu
1SA - LS Preferred Equipment Group 1/Bravada Base Package
1SB - LS Preferred Equipment Group 2/SLE Enhanced Package
1SC - LS Preferred Equipment Group 3
1SD - LT Preferred Equipment Group 1
1SE - LT Preferred Equipment Group 2
1SF - LTZ Preferred Equipment Group 1
1SJ - LT EXT Preferred Equipment Group
1SZ - Preferred Equipment Savings
11L/U - LT Pewter Metallic
12L/U - Dark Cherry Metallic
15L/U - Sandstone Metallic
16L/U - Graystone Metallic
2FL - Fleet Equipment Group 2
27H - Light Cashmere/Ebony Accents OR Light Tan
27I - Light Cashmere/Ebony Interior Trim OR Light Tan
272 - Desert Sand
28H - Light Gray Accents
28I - Light Gray/Dark Gray Interior Trim
3SB - SLE-2 Package
33H - Light Cashmere
33I - Light Cashmere Interior Trim
39L/U - Indigo Blue Metallic
41L/U - Onyx Black
41L/U - Black (May be the same as Onyx Black, Confirm?)
42L/U - Silver Blue Metallic
47L/U - Dark Green Metallic
48H - Ebony
48I - Ebony
49L/U - Cranberry Red Metallic
50L/U - Summit White 2002 2005
50L/U - Winter White (Saab)
50L/U - Arctic White (Oldsmobile)
6XX (XX will be two letters) Front-Left Suspension
62L/U - Dark Gray Metallic
67I - Med Oak/Oak Interior Trim
67L/U - Silverstone Metallic
672 - Med Oak/Oak Accents
7XX (XX will be two letters) Front-Right Suspension
76L/U - Bronzemist
8XX (XX will be two letters) Rear Left Suspension
86L/U - Majestic Red Metallic
9XX (XX will be two letters) Rear Right Suspension
92H - Dark Pewter/Dark Pewter Accents
92I - Dark Pewter/Dark Pewter Interior Trim
922 - Dark Pewter/Dark Pewter Accents
95D - Medium Pewter/Dark Pewter Accents
95H - Medium Pewter/Dark Pewter Accents
95I - Medium Pewter/Dark Pewter Interior Trim
952 - Pewter


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Check out this link clicky

Download the PDF for your model year. It only goes to 07 right now.

I have the 05 Tahoe one for my wifes truck. Breaks down RPO by interior, exterior, available with "X" option etc. awesome resource to have as a PDF.


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neohio said:
Check out this link clicky

Download the PDF for your model year. It only goes to 07 right now.

I have the 05 Tahoe one for my wifes truck. Breaks down RPO by interior, exterior, available with "X" option etc. awesome resource to have as a PDF.
Thinking of it I have those PDFs. Never thought to take a gander through them, but thanks for reminding me, it'll certainly expedite my list completion! :thumbsup:

Don't think it shows some of the "secret" stuff like codes showing which rental agency ordered the truck, etc. I'll continue getting that filled in by hand.

As for the list itself, I'm still working on it and on getting more TSBs uploaded to the MEGA cloud link. New codes in this list will be displayed as ZZZ* (a star next to it) to show what's been added. Each new set of TSBs will have a separate folder in the MEGA cloud, for those who use it.


Nice start! If it will help i do have an RPO list from my Trailblazer that i pulled up when i had a Compnine account that may give you some codes you didnt have before?


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IllogicTC said:
AR9 - Front Bucket Seat, Deluxe W/ Leather Seating Surfaces
Illogic thanks for taking the time to look up all the codes.. I got one in question though.. AR9 in yours shows leather seating and I have the AR9 code and mine doesn't have leather..

Didn't know if you might want to recheck that code or maybe the previous owners took the leather out of mine..

But anyway great work, I found it really helpful! Keep it up! :thumbup:



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Midnyteryder02 said:
Illogic thanks for taking the time to look up all the codes.. I got one in question though.. AR9 in yours shows leather seating and I have the AR9 code and mine doesn't have leather..

Didn't know if you might want to recheck that code or maybe the previous owners took the leather out of mine..

But anyway great work, I found it really helpful! Keep it up! :thumbup:

Further searches tell me in some other vehicles, AR9 just means base seat. Base seat for certain trim levels may be leather rather than cloth, included in say the LT1 package. Every reference I've found to AR9 specifically for the 360/370 says it means leather, but I am doing some more digging on it.

Edit: Looking further, I've found the way to determine it. Down toward the end of the list where you get codes beginning with numbers, **H is cloth (the ** is a color digit code) and **2 is leather. Hope that helps.

Also, I accidentally clicked edit instead of reply and had put my reply IN your post. Fixed that, that's why it says I edited it. lol


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Update time. I'd update the main list but it appears the character limit is being reached :rotfl:
I'll figure out a better system later. I've amended an error stating AR9 denotes leather seats. Read the notes for an explanation.

Notes for codes:
**U (** is 2 numbers) is an upper paint code. **L is lower. Only two colors were offered for the lower color.
**H (** is 2 numbers) is a color code with cloth seats. **2 is leather seating.

New codes:
**EDIT: AR9 - Front Bucket Seat, Power reclining
ASF - Air Bags, head curtain side-impact, front and rear outboard positions
8X1 - Fasten Seat Belt Label (Front Door Glass)
EB1 - GVW Rating - 6001 LBS
G86 - Limited Slip Rear-Axle
LS2 - 6.0L V8 SFI
M70 - 4-Speed Automatic Transmission, Super-Duty
NB8 - Emissions Override
NC7 - Emissions Override
NR9 - 1-Speed AWD Torsen, Torque-Based Center Differential
PDB - Luxury Package
PDF - LT Package 1
PD8 - 18" Aluminum Wheel
P55 - 20" Aluminum Wheel
QUB - P255/50R20 Tires
QZD - P245/65R18 Tires
RAE - Regular Production Accessory -- Cargo Area Management System
RFA - OnStar 1-Year Business Vehicle Manager Service
RFB - OnStar 2-Year Business Vehicle Manager Service
RFC - OnStar 3-Year Business Vehicle Manager Service
R8G - One Additional Year of OnStar Safe and Sound
R8P - Two Additional Years of OnStar Safe and Sound
R8W - Onstar, One Year Directions and Connections Service
R8Y - OnStar, Two Years Directions and Connections Service
R8Z - OnStar, Three Years Directions and Connections Service
TGA - Language Control Eng, French, Spanish
TGK - SEO Paint, One Color
TR6 - Headlamps Control Leveling System, Manual
T62 - Daytime Running Lights Delete
T79 - Rear Fog Lamp
T84 - Headlamps Right Rule of the Road, E Mark
T85 - Headlamps Left Rule of the Road,
T89 - Export Tail and Stop Lamp
UD4 - Alarm Vehicle Speed 120 K/H
UK1 - Japanese Frequencies
UL2 - European Frequencies
UM8 - Radio W/ Navigation
US8 - Radio, CD Player and MP3 Playback
UVH - DIC Portuguese
U19 - Speedometer, KM and Mi, Kilometer ODO
VBW - Japanese Language Label
VBX - Arabic Language Label
VB1 - Label Shipping, Japan
VCL - Emissions Certification, CFF LEV
VHS - Regular Production Accessory -- Trailer Hitch Receiver Cover
YC6 - LTZ Decor OR LT Package 2
ZQ8 - Sport Tuned Suspension
22U - Superior Blue Metallic
32U - Moondust Metallic
37U - Imperial Blue Metallic
38U - Emerald Jewel Metallic
49U - Cranberry Red Metallic OR Bordeaux Red Metallic
54U - Graphite Metallic
8X1 - Fasten Seat Belt Label (Front Door Glass)
80U - Red Jewel Tintcoat
9V5 - Woodland Green Paint (Requires SEO)
9V9 - Doeskin Tan Paint (Requires SEO)
9W4 - Tangier Orange (Requires SEO)


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I'm going to keep making some PDF's of RPO's. I'll upload to my dropbox and He can steal them from there, or leave them here?


I only had time to make the first 6 listings. I'll keep plugging away when I have time.


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I have all the PDF's created of every RPO code I have available to me.
How do you want me to post them? 1 per post? 3-4 per post?
I have an additional 31 PDF's I can post. With the above 6, it will be 37 total.

Let me know how you want it done and I'll link them all here.


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WarGawd said:
Illogic - I assume you're aware there was a massive (and ongoing still AFAIK, 187 pages, last post yesterday) thread on the OS where tons of people had their VINs decoded? Vin Comparisions - Page 187 - Chevy TrailBlazer, TrailBlazer SS and GMC Envoy Forum

Is there a fundamental objection to using that as a source to fill in all the blanks?
I'm aware. Had mine run two years ago over there. I am using that to fill in the blanks, there's some special ones that won't exactly show up in most manuals (like seeing which rental car agency ordered the truck from the factory), it's slow-going but I have been.... migrating that information here. :thumbsup:


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This link is good for a pdf file that contains a complete (as far as I can tell) list which is searchable from pdf, for all GM products.

Linky!!! <<Click here :tongue:




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This is what I found digging through google...
R8K - An internal allotment code assigned to sales zones by region.


Found this master list of RPO codes from ACDelco. Seems pretty complete.


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