Discount Code - Expires April 19, 2021


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5% Discount Code: 838F2B6289CAE4
Expires: April 19, 2021

Please enter this code in the ‘How Did You Hear About Us’ box to receive the discount. Please enter ONLY the discount code, no other words or numbers. All orders are placed online and the discount code must be entered before an order is submitted to receive the discount. is an auto parts retailer founded in 1999 by automotive engineers with two goals: Liberate information hidden behind the auto parts store counter (by listing all available parts, not just what one store stocks or one counter-person knows), and make auto parts affordable so vehicles of all ages can be kept reliable and fun to drive.

Visit to order auto parts online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and have them conveniently delivered to your door. Need help finding parts or placing an order? Visit our Help pages for further assistance!


I use the code here instead of the one they send me in the hopes it promotes this site somehow. And it's always valid or post new ones.


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They're definitely using the discount codes as tracking metrics, so, yes -- it would be helpful for our site if members use this code. But it'll be used for marketing more than promotion (of us), tbh. Not that that's a bad thing, 100% of the time (e.g.; I think it's smart business, myself).

Anyway, I'll post here as a reminder (to myself -?) to come here and grab the site code on my next order. TBH, I'm in the habit of using my own code, b/c I know where to quickly reference it on their site. Same 5% off, so no penalty for using GMTN's instead of your own. :wink:

On edit (although I know they never come back and review replies to their posts):
It would be a good thing if they allowed customers to store a (valid) code of their choice to use (maybe a dropdown). Anything to make it easier (and I know they are very good at leveraging tech to both our benefit and their own -- I say that as a compliment.)
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I've used this code twice recently. Usually I have my own code I can use, but strange did not have one sitting in my mail from them lately.


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FYI -- I probably shouldn't post this, as it defeats what we'd like people to do, but if I can help a member out, I don't worry too much, in the larger context.

When you have a cart going on Rock's site, and you're logged on with your account, look for the following at the top right of the window:


Click on the 'My Account' link, and on the next screen, you'll see this (snipped for brevity):


By clicking on that code on the right, you'll populate your cart with it, and get the 5% discount applied to the order. It also returns you to the cart (I just dblchecked).

IIRC (-?), I don't have to search for a past e-mail with a new code -- they just automagically load 'my' new code in that field, and I don't have to go looking it up. But you have to be logged on, in order to see this.

Now, of course, we want you to use 838F2B6289CAE4 until 4/19/21, if possible :thumbsup: -- but if you're in a hurry / on a device that you can't easily bounce back & forth on (like a smartphone), then this is a way that you can get 'your' discount populated quickly, no muss / fuss.

Of course, my screencaps above are from my laptop browser, not my smartphone. If the mobile version of their site doesn't match up, feel free to reply with the 'right' procedure for their mobile site. :tongue:

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