Replacement of the Envoy Air Suspension; Impressions from the Passenger's Perspective


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Whenever GMTN Members with their accumulated knowledge and experience Help Others... they seldom get extensive feedback on the RESULTS of any changes to the overall performance of these fixed vehicles. The Woman who penned the Article linked below on the topic of " Getting the Failed Air Suspension in the 2005 Envoy Fixed" that she and her husband love to drive different.

This Lady provides a "Nice, Long View" into the implications of what others might disdain as a "Retrograde Repair" as told from the Passenger Side of the vehicle with genuine surprise as to how well this suspension alteration worked out over time. In the end, her having a Decent Running GMT-360 comes down to it being a "Quality of Life" issue.

It's not an Original Thought for me to wish that many Others who generally receive similar assistance and then suddenly disappear... would just "linger" here long enough after their Problems are Solved to Qualify the Value of the Repairs they can get done here... without having to rely upon "Stealerships" hanging them out to dry for Ridiculously High Repair Charges. This one is refreshing to read and has Good Information, Images and her 'Empirical Impressions' as well:



The only thing that may dissuade someone from switching to coils is the automatic leveling when towing or hauling a heavy load.

My 9-7x had air however had already been converted when I acquired it so I can't say if the ride was any different but I can can say I was fine with it. None of my other trucks had it. My soon to be mine Avalanche LTZ had air shocks but has been changed to regular shocks because the whole system would have needed to be replaced and will hopefully be able to disable the warning with the Tech 2. Again since I never had it, I won't miss it except for the costs of repairing it.

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