Rear Cargo management set them up!


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Ok this is another one of those whore posting events that got out of i figured i would post up a thread on it.....

This is my planned set up...

Using this tool box set up. It shows as unavalible on Amazon but i can buy it locally at Canadian tire, This tool box will be bolted down to a raised floor in the back of the trailblazer. More then likely i will end up duplicating the set up in my S10 blazer as well.

Larin VSB-2 Vehicle Storage Box Set

How i plan on doing the raised floor that the lock box will be mounted to is mounting it to those floor hook mounting points..more then likely even reusing the original hardware if basically hooks removed and the mounting plates for the floor bolt back in their place. then carrage bolts through the floor and into the lock box with the nuts inside it so they cannot be accessed unless the box is open. The top of the lock box would sit level with the bottom of the windows..or roughly where the OE privacy screen sits when installed. Then there would be a battery box on either side of the lock box to contain the AGM battery of the dual battery set up. and the Isolator and Inverter as well as aux fuse box would sit in the space below the lock box with their own access panel in front of them to protect them from items under the raised floor. I would have a slight notch in the right side of the floor to allow the side cubby hole cover to tilt outwards enough to remove it to access what ever is in there...but more likely that is where i will end up installing my air compressor if i install rear air bags. The floor will be high enough over the OE floor that i can slide the plastic bins i use for storing supplies and my locked case for work under the floor. May end up running a removable panel directly over the center removable panel if needed but i doubt i will with the floor as high as it will be. Overall the plan for the raised cargo platform/floor is to have somewhere to put stuff like groceries etc when i need the space but not have them bashed around by the tool bag and other items in the back of the truck since that stuff will be under the floor and completely sealed and locked away when the main hatch is closed.

With that all said...those of you in the process of planning out a cargo management set up in their trucks or have built one please post them up!


I don't have a picture, but being a Vol. Firefigher have some stuff i normally carry all the time, i used a milk crate to old my flare tube extinguisher and some straps along with that i have good size tool box full of tools, have it arranged that i can still carry other things and carry what i need to, and it didnt cost me a dime.


Mine changes so often, but those boxes dont look bad.

I use Plano XXl Sportsman boxes inside and can fit 3 on roof rack, got 5 or 6 I think. Great size for camping gear....
Plano Molding 1819 XXL Storage Box -

Have a couple of these and they are nice and tough, like it for straps and fluids.... - Rubbermaid 1172 ActionPacker Storage Box, 24 Gallon

Much of my recovery gear is in one of these. Tough bag...
ARB ARB501 Recovery Gear & General Accessories : : Automotive

Got this tool box, not bad for cheap and holds alot...
Plano Molding 701 Extra Deep Tool Box, Graphite Gray with Iron Yellow, 22-Inch -

and a bag like this for my socket set and wrenches... Olive Drab Large Army Canvas Mechanics Tool Bag - 19 x 9 x 6, Two Outside Compartments: Automotive

The Trasharoo on my spare gets a ton of use. Thing is AWESOME and everyone needs one. You can mount it on the hatch or hang from roof rack in no rear spare. Actually have two of them myself. Trasharoo Spare Tire Trash Bag BLACK: Sports & Outdoors

Tons of good ideas and info on here.
Post up your drawer/storage system - Expedition Portal

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