REAR BRAKES on a 2005 TB


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Hi Guys,
It's time to replace the rear brake rotors and pads but I have no idea which brand or type is best.
I know enough to stay away from the ceramic pads as they tend to eat rotors but is there a good, better and best choice for the rotors and pads?
There is such a wide selection of different compositions it's hard to know if one is better then the other.
Needless to say I won't be racing the LS.


And cue @Chickenhawk , our resident brake expert.

However, from what I know, ceramic are easier on rotors and semi metallic are worse.


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Get decent rotors no matter what. And then base the bad cost by what life you want out of them...


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I've been using ceramic pads on all of my vehicles for about 12-14 years now without having to replace any of my rotors due to warping.

Being an automotive detail-freak, I like ceramics due to their low dust capabilities. I rarely do any harsh braking in my SUV, unless it's needed, so my experience with a certain brand of ceramic pads goes like so...
I upgraded to the Duralast Max Brake Pads on all 4 corners of my GMC Acadia back in April of 2017 just to try them out to see if they produce dust any more than some other brands I've tried over the years. Since then (and about 11k miles later), my report is that dusting and braking are normal and what you'd expect from ceramic pads, but, cleaning the rims now seems to be much easier. Seriously. The dust from the Duralast Max Brake Pads seem to melt away faster and much more complete when compared to the other ceramic brands I've used. I've been using the same wheel cleaner now for about 6 years, which is "Flash -Brown Royal." I spray on the wheel cleaner and use a scrub brush, but I do not have to try and scrub as vigorously anymore to get them clean.

I apologize for turning this into something regarding appearance/detailing, but I thought I'd just give you my input on what I think about the newest Duralast Max brand of brake pads at Autozone. And no, I'm not a spokesperson for them :biggrin:


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Sounds good guys. Obviously I'm mistaken about the ceramic pads.
I've been looking at the rotors and pads from Autozone and I've always been happy with their products and guarantees so your comments will make the decision a little easier.
Thanks for your input.


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...and once you've Dialed in the Type and Quality of Rear Brake Components you want to Purchase... This "How-To" Video is Damned Near Perfect on showing how this Job Gets Done. One Bonus about the production of this Video made by the VOP (Video Original Poster) is that he is obviously a "A Real Family Man" with some Great Out-Takes provided by his "Junior Helper" that are also worth watching ...and serves to remind us WHY Having Decent Brakes at ALL Times is an Absolute...MUST:



I don't know why you decided to revive this thread as he has probably done his brake job by now and hasn't logged on since Feb.

Regardless, a few things of note. He didn't relube the slide pins. Fresh lube should always be added. He also got cheap pads because they didn't include new guide shims, having to clean the old ones (which he also didn't lube). He should have scraped and brushed the caliper's ears that hold the outer pad and cleaned the piston of any rust and scale. If there is any buildup there, it can put the pad in an angle.


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A second for cleaning and relube of the slide pins. When I took mine apart they were awful - almost dry. Looks like they never were serviced, just stuffed in a set of pads and done. That will cause uneven pad wear.

I got a set of qbrake ceramic pads from fleabay. Reasonably priced and IMHO good performance.

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