Question for you DIY types - Resonator Delete (Side Exit)


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Hey Guys, I've been wanting to do my resonator delete about since the day I laid eyes on my 07 (Back in 07). Now that I got the MarkMC lift and everything installed, it seems as though it's even uglier and more of an eyesore than before, so the time has definitely come to trash the old trash can. Local muffler shop quoted me $80 to do the res delete, and thats with me supplying all the parts! I've been welding pressure pipe for the last 10 years and know I can tackle this myself. Just looking for some input as far as the final appearance of the outcome. I'm wanting to do side exit behind the rear tire. I like the look of the 45(ish) degree bends, not so much the 90. For those of you who did them yourself or supplied your own parts, did you order mandrel bent stainless pipe, and if so what was the part number? Will aluminized steel work okay as well, how long will it hold up? I'd like to do a dual slant tip similar to what's coming on the factory Powerstrokes these days, only polished with smaller diameter pipe (obviously). I've searched through the different forums and threads trying to find exact dimensions or part numbers, but am coming up short and finding the same threads over and over again with little help. Any help would be greatly appreciated, and I'll be sure to let you guys know how it turns out. Thanks in advance!


Aluminized will last for several years and is typical of what a shop would use.

Typically for exhaust I just get standard bends off ebay and a bit of pipe and tip then have them welded together. Not enough advantage to mandrel on a vehicle like these. Easy enough to prolly a single 45 and a nice tip and have it since you have welding experience.


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Thank you, sir! I'll be sure to post pictures of the install when I get around to it!

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