Question for the Suspension Experts

Freddy G.

Original poster
Dec 4, 2011
Right now there is a 1 inch difference in ride height from Ground to Front Wheel well and Ground to Rear Wheel well. I now have my ride height back in the rear after StrutMasters sent me Heavier Duty Springs. On the mod list is a lift(of course), But I read all these topics about the upper ball joints and Flipping your UCA's. I do not have 4wheel drive and dont plan on doing on offroading, yet I do like the lifted look. If I installed new upper ball joints and did a lift (1 inch in the rear and 2 or 2 1/2 in the front will I be ok without flipping the UCA's? And I know in Florida the temp dry rots the rubber, How often would I have to replace the ball joints? I am not a suspension expert so I hope this questions makes sense and it's stupid to ask. I am aware after I do a lift I will need an alignment.

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