Props To Kinetik Batteries


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Dec 4, 2011
This is my quote from "What did you do to your gmt today?"
I had an interesting morning. Woke up for work tryed to remote start got the 3 beeps back from the viper which is usually a range problem but I was about 20 feet away so I changed my batteries still nothing got in the truck the old fashioned way with a key lol tryed to start ignition was killed so the alarm was still active but not responding to unlock. So now it was time to play defuse the bomb. I had to pop the hood and disconnect the battery and reconnect the battery but still nothing I then had to jump it and the alarm came on but after the jump I killed the alarm and was able to start the car. Then my radio was froze then had to pull that fuse to get it to work its still a blur what exactly could of happened. the battery had absolutely no problem turning over and I didn't drop at all on the volt meter will have to investigate more after work. This was all at 5am and that is what I did to my gmt today lol

Well I figured out the issue. When I got out of work today it was dead called my dad for my jump the Volt Meter was still a little under 14v and then I figured to pop the hood and cut the audio circuit via breaker under the hood and once I did that the volts went to a hair from dead then I realized what I have done I had been running and cranking my SS off a Kinetik 600 audio battery!! :no: I was stunned and felt like a total moron. So I got a new battery immediately which wasnt my favorite thing to do in a parking lot. BUt now all is well and I isolated the audio circuit and took a volt meter to the battery and for now she is still perfect. Which has now explained the radio messing up for the past TWO days, because once I got the new main battery in there was no issue at all. PROPS TO KINETIK! Cranking a 6.0L multiple times and running off of some super short charges my commute to work is less then 5 minutes. Bada** little guy in the back of my truck!

On a weird Side note It was the AC delco battery it was labeled 6yrs I own a 2006 trailblazer the thing died jan,5th,2012 6 years lol


Dec 4, 2011
Waxahachie, TX
I also have the Kinetik 600 battery and I have used it to jump my car a few times before. Those little things are powerful and can be very helpful!

Boricua SS

Nov 20, 2011
glad you figured it out.. sucks being stranded like that...

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