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I am trying to program a keyless entry remote for a 2006 Colorado. The locks will not cycle to show ready for programming. Any suggestions ?


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Sorry to say that there aren't many Colorado owners here that I know of - most are likely on 355Nation, since that's a dedicated site for them

From what I can see (on multiple sites), this can only be done on the 2004-2012 Colorado by a dealer (or a friend who has a Tech 2 or MDI)

There are members here who have a Tech 2 that might do this for you, if there's one local to you. Check out the Tech 2 section on our site - there's a thread there with most of the people who have one, where they're located, and how to contact them. I'm one of those people, but I'm in IL

Here's a resource that discusses it (and there are others besides this one, which also has some advice on potentially getting it done at a dealer for 'free' - good luck with that!)

Wish I had better news for you (but if you find a local resource w/ a Tech 2, make friends with'll take them about 5 min to do this for you)
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For most of our model gm's it's key on - > hold unlock button until locks cycle - > hold lock+unlock on remote(s) until locks cycle - > key off when done programming. Check YouTube for confirmation, my info is stemming from YouTube after adding a fob for my truck.

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