Power Steering leak


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Noticed today a leak in one of the lines going over the driver's side shock tower. I have not looked to see if its High or Return but both are really corroded.

Is the best fix for this, replacing both lines? or is there another solution that lasts?

What do I need to get/do for another fix (cheaper)

What brand of lines do you all recommend if I should just get new ones.
It usually rusts inside the rubber isolator at the top of the shock tower. Get rid of it and check the lines. It's usually the return line since it's low pressure. If it was the high pressure line, it would have have turned into a geyser in short order.

The easiest and better way is to use compression fittings like in this thread:

Since it's low pressure, this is fine. High pressure is another story.


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Well I stated taking it apart today to see my next move.

The bolt holding the lines to the shock tower started backing out but then snapped. The front bracket bolt backed out and the back frame bracket is so rotted there is not taking that one out but the bracket just disintegrated when I touched it. Both lines look bad under the hold down so I think I will replace both.

What is everyone opinion on the Gates lines from Rock?

What is the difference between the OEM end and the new end where you have to remove the seal from the rack? is one better than the other?



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Yours looks much the way mine did... I went with the compression fittings Mooseman mentioned above. Far cheaper ($12), easier and faster. They've been holding up fine and in my case will outlast this truck.



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I'm just worried about the high side going in 6mo to a year and tearing into it again.