possible end to the Envoy


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Well after 9 years spanning over 190k miles (bought at 32k) countless family trips, soccer games and commutes to work, my 04' Envoy XL tried to share the same space as a utility pole during the last snow storm her in New Jersey on 3/5 (pics are included) For all the winter driving i do and had done over the years and the truck had faithfully gotten me thru, it took the hit and protected me. I had not a scratch on me. and when i got it towed to my bothers (where i was going in the first place) here is what i noticed

no airbags deployed
no glass broke
doors opened fine
truck started
trans went into drive and reverse fine
4x4 actuators still worked with no warning lights
and no fluid leaks.

drivers fender caved in a creased
hood buckled at fender impact
bumper cover broken
front driver wheel facing almost 9o degrees from passenger wheel

Estimate came is at starting at $5300.00 to fix and that is without it being up on a lift yet .. and with 225k on the clock I am betting they will total it even though i said i would be fine with savaged body parts. Just hate to see it go as I have taken extra maintainence care on it and it ran perfect. But the important thing is i am fine

Will i get another .. heck yes .. already looking .. just waiting to see what they will actually give me for it. Will keep everyone posted


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Glad you're alright! It truly don't look like $5300 worth of repairs need to be done...fender, hood, tierod/whatever broke in the steering. But that's just from the outside looking in.

Again, glad you're fine. TB's/Envoys always seem to protect the occupants from stories like yours that I've seen.

-oh yeah, I didn't mention.

THAT'S A BUMMER. (that you wrecked) :sadcry:


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I'd repair it if I were you. Yards all over Detroit are littered with GMT360 parts. With used parts so readily available, you can negotiate down on many of your replacement items. $100 for a bumper assembly, $75 for a fender, $40 for a headlight assembly. These are just a few things I sourced on car-part.com. Even a hood is only $125. I don't doubt that you can rebuild what's under your driver front wheel well for less than $500. Maybe a grand in parts. Maybe another $700-1000 in paint work. Collect your settlement check, then buy back as salvage for pennies on the dollar. Do the work yourself or find someone honest and cheap. Nothing is worth more than a vehicle that you have owned, cared for, and maintained for the greater part of a decade. I'm into my 7th year of ownership with my Rainier and wouldn't want to see it end that way.

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