FOR SALE Parting out: 2002 TB EXT

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I'll be parting out the truck during the next week or so. If you need anything, please ask and we can talk turkey. I'm just looking to get rid of this thing ASAP.

Keep in mind, I'm in Canada so shipping to the US for anything big or heavy will cost a lot. Now if I get enough people interested in parts in the US, I could make a trip to NY to ship everything at once from there.

Of note, I have two PCM's for this truck. One tuned by PCMofNC (PCMforLESS at the time) with fan codes off, tuned for towing and shift firmness level 2 for 3.42 gears. The other (currently on the truck) was tuned by lime-swap, has the fan codes and P1345 turned off with stock shift firmness for 3.73 gears. I mention the gearing because this will affect the speedo if you have the wrong one.

Here's a list of things that are NOT available:
- front brake caliper brackets (heading to France)
- rear wiper motor (heading to France)
- the LED taillights (but I do have a set of regulars available)
- grill
- front bumper (hacking it up for the fogs)
- front tow hooks
- mirrors
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The other one would work well for you. However, looking at your info, yours is a 2004. Not sure if 2002 will work in a 2004. I can ask @limequat if it will work.

How's that console lid? : Rotfl:
Funny guy.


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do you have acdelco variable valve timing solenoid thing? i don't like my dorman one. also is ignition switch same on trailblazer ext as envoy? and i'm also interested in the transmission speed sensor and an ignition coil or two depending on price. i don't think shipping would be too bad on these guys :wink: thanks!
Sorry, keeping the CPAS for myself as a spare. Ignition switch is cheap enough new that shipping my 15 year old one would not be worth it.

Coils I could do since they are useless to me and my 07. $5 each + shipping, which may be more than. None are new as I had spares from my engine swap.

Speed sensor I could also do for $5.

I'm not kidding that shipping from here is expensive. To ship two mirrors, it would have cost $60. Figure the 2 coils and sensor would run between $20-30. I would throw the ignition switch in for free.


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Damn, $30 shipping for two coils and a sensor, just not worth it :/ Well thanks for getting back to me so quickly anyway.


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What do you think shipping to Sweden would be on lime:s PCM?.
I have -02 with 3:73 gearing, Is that one tuned for towing like the other one= some torquemanagment left active I guess.
Would the turned off codes give me trouble still having my oem fan?.

Lol maybe shipping from you to me is reasonable since shipping from Us to Sweden is ridiculous :smile:)
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It's probably worse. I just got a quote to ship a 7kg box to France and it came to $115CAD (€80). I also got a quote to France for a 1.9Kg box (brake pads), which would be about the same as the PCM, that came to $27CAD (€19), which is not too bad. It could be a little more or less but this gives you a idea. If you're interested, PM me your address and I'll get an actual estimate for the shipping.

The one tuned by Lime-Swap is for the 3.73 gears, tuned for performance, no torque management and stock shifts.
What is your€ price on that PCM?.

And why is P1345 removed?
€40 should do it. At the time, I was having issues with that code not going away and needed to pass the e-test. Eventually, found out it was the cam phaser as the truck started running like crap. I'll get you a shipping quote tomorrow.

Is the radio factory and for sale ?
No, it was a dying 10 year old JVC HU. Screen was very finicky. Better for it to go with the rest of the truck, LOL!
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