SOLVED! Park brake mounting - RH (pass) side


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On edit: Nevermind - I figured it out.

Resolution: Cleared head of Brain Fart :duh::rolleyes::whistle:

Rather than necropost on a related thread HERE - Part no. 13 (for illustration), I wanted to start a new thread, as my issue is different.

First - I've already replaced the driver's side, with NO issue at all (I was saying to myself - 'this is TOO easy...what's everyone complaining about online?')

Now doing the passenger side - the one I've had the 'clanking' noise in since the day (after) I bought the Envoy.

The good news - I found the reason for the clanking - the shoe was completely disengaged. Not a trace of the actual brake shoe material, although the metal backing was intact.

The problem: For the life of me, I can't mount the new (or the old) shoe to the backing plate (not the dust shield - here's a pic of the RH side plate, in correct orientation):
For the uninitiated, the 'keeper' plate goes on the bottom and holds the shoe in place - that's fine; I can install the new plate / screw w/ no issue. The two ends of the shoe mount on either side of the top part, where the adjuster hardware sits (again, no issues removing / installing the new hardware). Also, the old hardware was 'in place' on the top / bottom when I removed the rotor. The 'R' at the top indicates passenger side, and mine are correct (on both sides).

While my part # stamp appears to be slightly different from what's shown above, the date code (bottom RH side) on mine shows a mfg date in 2002 - which matches most of the rest of the parts in the Envoy (I have an 'early build' 2003). So I think (?) that's the original backing plate there. Looking at the two parts (RH / LH) online, it does appear that the plate on the LH side is shaped a little differently than the RH side - ? I'll post the LH version at the bottom, for reference.

Correctly installed, the shoe lies flat against the back of the entire circumference of the plate. On this side, however, it will not lie flat.
I was almost wondering if the wrong part was installed - say, for a full-size SUV or a 1500-series pickup.

I don't want to have to remove this part to install a 'new' one - it will be a b!tch to do, as the axle / hub has to be removed - plus, I don't see any indication of damage (as if it were in an accident, etc.) The rear rides 'true', as well, and tire wear seems to be optimal.

I don't want to just leave the shoe out on this side, either, as I'm about ready to load up the trailer and head out for a longish trip out west - I'd like the e-brake 'fully working', for a multitude of reasons. The Voy is getting new brakes / rotors all around, and new fluid, so no worries there. I've already had the front rotors off last year when I did all my front suspension work, so that will go fine, once I finish the rear.

(TL; DR - for those skipping

I'm ready to break out the grinder and 'trim back' where needed on the plate - but wanted to check and see if this would cause any known issues (e.g.; balance, hub, etc.)
Also figured I'd see if anyone else here ran into this issue and what they did to resolve. If the 'right' fix is to replace the plate, I'll do it - but I won't be too happy.

Thanks in advance to those who take a moment to reply :thankyou:

(pic of the LH / driver's side plate, for reference - (this isn't in the correct orientation...sorry) and the big 'obvious' difference seems to be at the top, where the e-brake cable mounts):
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