P1481 - need help!!


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Apr 14, 2012
hey guys, my 2002 tb is finally running after spending almost two months recovering from a minor accident. the thing is - i now get the code P1481, which i didn't get before the car was left at the auto shop (and i was still able to drive it AFTER the accident and everything was fine). i know it has something to do with the fan clutch. i read various topics on this on the "other" forum, but the thing is - in my case, the fan does not engage and when i'm stuck in traffic for a longer period of time, my temperature rises. i checked the connector going into the shroud, it does seem to get the impulse from the pcm, as the light on my tester goes on. when the engine is cold and i start it and tap on the gas pedal, the engine makes the "vacuum cleaner" sound. is the clutch dead or is it something with the connector??


Feb 3, 2012
From the sounds of it, your fan clutch is dead and needs to be replaced. It's a fairly common issue in these trucks. Also any movement in the fan and fan clutch can wear out the outer bearing of your water pump. If that seizes you could be in for a world of hurt.

My fan clutch is going bad, not dead yet. I have also needed to change the water pump due to a bad outer bearing, and the complications that can happen when the outer bearing seizes sounds extremely painful, on both the truck and your wallet if it isn't taken care of.

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