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Question (I figure someone knows this, so I'll ask...)

I now have 3 similar vintage GMTs (news on this in a bit).
Carrying around 3 sets of remotes / keys is a bit...cumbersome (I have to shuffle the lot on / off my driveway & garage, depending on which one I'm driving.)

Is it possible to train one remote to control all three vehicles? I understand that with the vehicles in close proximity, that I might (un)lock more than one at once.

As I write this and think about it some more, I'm starting to realize that these are controlled by the BCM, and the pairing process mates (changes) the remote to the (fixed) BCM code, if I'm guessing right.

Guessing that my only option is to lock each vehicle with its corresponding key, and no remote (although I seem to remember that when I lock with the fob, the 'security' light will activate, but it doesn't, if only the key is used.

I live in a fairly low crime area, but want to use all of the available security that GM put in, since only one of my current 4 can be garaged (and the vehicles are sometimes away from home, too).

Appreciate any replies -- and I'm not really interested in getting a 3rd party alarm system (if one exists) for all the vehicles that *would* allow a common remote - that's cost-prohibitive for three 15 year old vehicles...LOL


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You can easily train the BCM on each vehicle to one remote, or all three remotes. But again, why would you want to. You head out to your truck, hit the unlock button, all 3 unlock, you drive off in the one you wanted, but now the other 2 are in your driveway totally unsecured, with none of the GM security functions enabled (except for keys with chips). Sounds like a risk I wouldnt take. My Envoy FOB will also work on my Aztek. I dont do it just for that reason. Its hard enough trying to make sure I dont try to start one vehicle while using the other vehicles key.


It can be done but not sure if across platforms. I have one remote that is learned on both the TB and Saab and both will lock/unlock in proximity. I just had to remember to hit the lock button on the fob after to relock the other unused truck.


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I thought the remotes use a 'rolling' unlock code. When you drive vehicle 1 away, then park and lock it, won't the code change so it won't unlock the other 2?

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