No more "Phantom Vehicles"



OTTAWA – New regulations are coming for vehicles sold in Canada that are meant to eradicate 'phantom vehicles' – vehicles that drive without proper lights on in the dark — from Canadian roadways.
Transport Minister Marc Garneau announced Wednesday that, starting in September of 2021, all new vehicles sold in Canada have to comply with new vehicle lighting safety standards to be more visible in darkness and in low light conditions.
In three years, manufacturers will have to build vehicles in one of three ways:

Transport Minister Marc Garneau makes an announcement in Gatineau, Que., Wednesday, March 21, 2018.
  • To have daytime running lights and tail lights that come on automatically when the vehicle instrument panel is illuminated and the car is turned on;
  • To have the vehicle automatically turn on headlights, taillights and side marker lights in low light conditions; or
  • To have the drivers’ instrument panel stay dark until the driver turns the lights on
I can tell you that it has become an epidemic here for cars without their lights on because of the lighted dashboards that don't have auto headlights. GM isn't an issue since we have had auto headlights since the 90's.

Hell, I even see police cars driving around regularly without lights on (Fords of course).


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The same problem in Tampa. Damn frustrating. The other drivers think that since they can see we should be able to see them coming out of the shadows. Last week I was behind three different vehicles which had NO Brake Lights. None, Nada. I pulled up to each of them and politely mentioned that there brake lights were not working and each said "I know" One was a neighbors daughter I grew up with no less and I've known her for over 47 years now. And in the state of florida if you hit them it's your fault no matter the reason. Even if all there brake lights are out. I know we can't fix stupid, but I sure wish there was a way. Thanks for letting me vent.


Thing is, a lit up dash is kinda nice in the broad daylight because sometimes it is hard to see your cluster in the shadow. My parents' old Chrysler's dash lit up bright during the day which was very nice. I'm looking at figuring out a way to mod my dash to do that sometime. That's probably one reason why some started doing always-lit dashes.

What gets me is the person who was going 65mph down the interstate (in a 70mph zone) at 7:30 PM back in January with NO exterior lights on except the feeble glow of the reduced output halogen DRL up front (no tails nothing in the back). How the heck can you even think that is normal, and how do you not realize nothing but your speedometer is lit up?


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Phantom cars in low light suck when they pull out in front of you or you pull out in front of them because you clearly could not see them. There are a few d-bags around here that drive with their high beams all the time. Even during the day some of them impair my vision with the purple blob from the glare. You know its their high beams not only because of the glare but also because it is the inner lights of the headlight assembly on instead of the outer.
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I've never liked DRL's much. I credit my dad for some of my current driving habit's, including turning the lights on after starting. I even do it during the day. Just habit.


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I thought that was just a regional thing here in north Florida. One stretch of Hwy 90 through town has enough street lights that you really don't need headlights to see, but there's enough "gaps" that a car in ghost mode can surprise you if you're not extra careful (and pushing 50, my eyes have to really work sometimes LoL!). Then when you get out on the country roads, people love to drill ya with their high beams....grrrr


It's not just on country roads anymore. It's been a real epidemic here lately with idiots driving around town with the highs on. they must think "Oh, look at that pretty blue light!"

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