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Name is Joah
2002 Envoy SLT (I believe)
This has been my favorite vehicle that I have ever owned which says a lot because I used to be heavily into street racing.
I love this vehicle a ton and especially because I got it for free and because I live in it with my service dog.
Although, with about 250,000 miles, it has so.e definite issues, biggest one is the Boss sound system and it's terrible 6 disc changer. Got aftermarket head unit/cd player 1 din with wiring harness, gmt2000 interface and I am getting ZERO sound yet the unit turns on. So, I have been driving around with the middle section of my dash missing because I haven't decided on putting the stock unit back in which doesn't work, spending and insane $120 for a different interface or bypassing the stock amp which I am not fully clear on.

Any questions, fire away!


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