NEW (to me) Head unit coming my way


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Dec 3, 2011
Brighton, CO
You were one of the ones I was bidding against... GRR!!!

Your biggest problem is going to be getting the unit Devinned. The rest is easy...

Steve A

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TollKeeper said:
You were one of the ones I was bidding against... GRR!!!

Your biggest problem is going to be getting the unit Devinned. The rest is easy...

Dude, I am thankful that you didnt keep running with the auction... I never thought to ask if it was anyone on here either bidding on it or was the seller.

As far as the VIN Re-learn I can take it to the dealer and have them do it with the TECH II (found the instructions on (there is a 100 page thread on NON-LUX to LUX converstions with a ton of information)

I am going to call some of my local shops in the area to see if they have the TECH II first before I go to the dealer. I dont think I can stomach them trying to tell me its going to take 30 mins to an hour for a 5 minute job. They of course are going to be a last resort.

With my rear windows being 5% tint on top of the factory tint I can see a damn thing out of the back windows so now I am looking for a backup camera for the truck, I think I am going to go with the Rocky Americas camera with audio. I can mount it under the truck or near the hitch.

The biggest expense is going to be the lockpick or the Navtool...


Steve A

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So I got the Nav in the mail yesterday, took me about an hour to get it in the truck. It took me just about all day (9-5) to find a dealer that would do the VIN re-learn. I went to my 2nd to last dealer and he told me that there was no way that they could re-learn the VIN. They said that once the NAV was installed in the first vehicle it couldn't be moved to another vehicle. I told them I had instructions on how to do it, he then said in a smart ass tone, so you think you know more than my technicians? I said apparently so if you think you cant do it and the instructions are right here. He said that they couldn't look at it today and I would have to leave it on Monday morning. I said no thank you and left.

So from the parking lot I Googled the last dealer in my area and told them my dilemma and asked if they could do it today (Mind you this is at 20 after 4). He said if you can make it here in 35 minutes or less we can look at it.

I got to the dealer and told them I needed to have done. They took it to the back and started to work on the truck. At first he said that they couldn't add the nav to the truck because it was not an option for my VIN. I explained to them that I know the radio was not part of the build I just need the theft lock removed so that the radio would work. (he kept trying to tell me that the sound wouldn't be the same, the amp wouldn't work etc...) Hey DUMB ASS I have a NON-LUX set up and a NON-lux radio.

He asked what radio was in the truck before the NAV and I showed him the stock radio and he said well that's what your problem is. You cant put a NAV in a NON NAV vehicle.

I said OK. The NAV is in the Truck, I can take it out when I get home, but before I leave can you please follow these directions to remove the theft lock. (knowing that it will work, knowing that the radio will work as designed, knowing that they are wrong)

He followed the instructions, removed the theft lock, I inserted the Nav disk in the truck, it worked, the radio worked, chimes worked, XM worked. The tech still insisted that the NAV wouldn't recognize the speakers and the EQ would be messed up. OH and he even said that there is no NAV antenna installed on the truck. (should have seen his face when I told him the antenna is already attached to the radio and attached under the dash.)

All in all everything works just as it would if the truck was installed with it, and in the end I only had to pay 69 bucks for the half hour it took for me to convince them to do follow the instructions.

I hate dealers, but this one I will come back to (if I really need to go to a dealer) because they gave it a shot, didn't say no but are still ignorant to the fact that they don't know the parts that are installed in each vehicle and what you can do to a "stock" vehicle.


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