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I am looking for replacement tire recommendations for my daughter's 2005 GMC Envoy. Tires are 245 /65 R17. I don't want to spend a ton on them. Main concerns are how they handle in snow/rain and safety. Most of her driving is to and from school. She also has a part-time job that requires some country driving. We live near Chicago so we do get some snow. I was looking at the Cooper Discoverer AT3 but Discount Tire is having difficulty locating them (they have been discontinued). Thanks!


412 minus 110 rebates via discount tire direct get these that should do everything you want



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I picked up some Kumho tires recently for the Sierra from PepBoys for similar all-in money as those Forteras - at that pricing, I'd go with the Forteras, TBH, if they came in same load range. That's a great deal.

Looking at the Fortera HL on Tire Rack, they're listed at about 85% rank of the 'best in category' -- about 'mid-pack' -- but those top dogs cost 2x as much as what @HARDTRAILZ found the Forteras for you at Discount Tire.

When I got my Envoy a few years ago, it had those same Coopers. Well, 3 of them, anyway (I forget what the fourth shoe was, but I remember it wasn't the same). Hated those tires - they were one of the first things I replaced on the Voy, and they still had usable tread when I replaced them.

Others here like Cooper tires, so YMMV.

As for what I put on the Envoy...I went with Firestone Destination LEs, which I really like (but many here don't). Only reason I mention them is b/c I think they're even better in the wet than in the dry, and the OP mentioned that was important to him. But they'll cost a bit more than those Forteras.


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I ran Cooper Discoverer RTX's on my Trailblazer and Envoy. They weren't bad, the snow and wet traction were pretty darn good. My biggest gripe I had was that the tread life was terrible. I had them put onto my Envoy when I got rid of my Trailblazer and they lasted about 25k~ish.....the rating was like 40k, but after the first 10k miles they looked like a 30k tire. Couldn't figure out the odd wear pattern, suspension was in great shape, no alignment issues but after some searching it seems this was a pretty common thing with them.

The RTX was essentially an AT3 supplied exclusively for NTB, when I bought the set 4 years ago, they had a decent amount of rebates that had me out of the door with them mounted and balanced for $360. I got my years worth out of them, so I can't really complain too much. If I had to do it again, I would have gone with the Destination A/T, or the Yoko Geolander A/T S (got them on my first Envoy, maxed out the life of the tire before trading it in for my Avalanche). I think the pricing category of the Coopers, another tire can be had with better life/performance for just a little bit more.


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I have always staunchly supported Michelins on everything and dedicated snows on steel wheels for winter. That's the pricey route, though.

Personally, I'd go with the Forteras. I've been driving a 2010 Honda Pilot with them and they are a very good tire. I had Mastercraft Courser STRs on my TB and Michelin Defenders on my 97x. Both were good.


I have found that Michelins dry rot faster than others. This can be an issue if you switch from summer to winter and back where they can dry out in storage. That's just my own observation though. YMMV.


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Didn't know about the Cooper AT3's made a LT that would fit a 17". I'd personally like to get away from the P Metric tire and get something tougher.


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If one wants to stop tire dry-rot like magic start using "303 aerospace protectant". It can be found in motorhome and travel trailer supply houses or online. I've been using it for about 15 years and it works perfectly. The tires on my Ram are original 2010 with Zero cracks in the Florida sun. And don't forget to spray both sides of your spare tire. Even with it out of the sunshine it will get old if not sprayed also. FWIW the tires on the ram have about 65k miles on them also.


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I have Michelin Defender LTX M/S on my Envoy, and have run them before on another car I previously owned. By far the best tire for traction, and wear, I have ever owned. I think I am near 50-60k miles on my tires, still at have tread wear, and they just keep going, tires have a warranty for 80k miles. Nice and quiet on the highway, never breaks traction in the rain, and they have have really good cross siping to funnel the rain out. Just an all around fantastic tire. I would get them again without thinking twice.


You can find better deals on them out there, I think Wal-Mart also sells them at quite a bit cheaper.


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I am interested to see how my Michelins store in the corner of my garage this winter. I was planning to spray them with the 303 Aerospace Protectant when I take them off my car next week. I do 35k a year so tires usually don't last long for me.


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I'm going to look into the 303 protectant as well since I have snow tires for both vehicles so there are always a couple sets of tires in the back shed just sitting around.

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