new shocks and still low rear end


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Sep 16, 2023
Sparks Nevada
I have installed new shocks on my 2006 gmc envoy denali and my rear end is still low. I read several threads from Moose but not about my problem. I don't know if I have air bag shocks or not?... I also read that there are 2 different fuses that might be an easy fix... #1 & # 48. At present out of work for over 7 months and don't have any funds to repair...Please help, Thank you in advance, Trent Ryan 775 335 5650


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Dec 3, 2011
Brighton, CO
If you have a Denali, 95% sure you are going to have air bags. And if your AirBags are down, is your compressor working?

I would pull the air bags out, and replace with coil springs. much cheaper.

To find out if your air compressor is working, in your trunk, in one of the side compartments, will be a switch to turn on or off the compressor. Press the button with the key on, engine off. If the compressor turns on, you might get lucky, and just need to replace the air bags. If no compressor sound is heard, then you likely will need the AIr Compressor, and the Air Bags. Which can be done, it just isnt cheap.


Dec 4, 2011
Ottawa, ON
Are you talking about shocks or air bags? If you replaced the shocks, those won't help with the level. If it's the bags you replaced, then you have to go as @TollKeeper said and check if the compressor is working and fuses are good.

If the compressor is defective, then I would recommend that you replace the air bags with regular coil springs. Much cheaper option. Not as comfy but will get you going again.

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