Need tire size help


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My lift is all complete! I have the 2 inch body lift and a 3x3 suspension lift which is actually more like 3x4 since I have 2012 Colorado Springs on the rear and they are an inch easy higher than stock TB (but my lift pucks are a 2/1 split so I’ll be taking the 1 inch piece out this week to level it out and give my shocks some room to breath cause those bilstien are maxed!!)
Anyway I’m not sure I necessarily am against low profiles on a lifted truck you see it all the time anymore but I’m thinking I’ll go bigger.
I know the inner wheel well will have to come out and I’ll have to do some cutting to the bumper itself but anything behind the tire need to be done?
My rims are offset so I’m in no danger of hitting the upper ball joint.
Well back to the question, what size can I go up to without having to do a TON of modifications so the wheels turn without rubbing. Thanks


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Low profile tires? Severely limited to mall crawling. You wont be able to air down and in my opinion ruin the ride. What's the offset on the wheels?

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