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Sep 4, 2021
Portland, OR
I'll pay someone well for a solution. I'm putting chevy center hub caps on my Silverado Dually. The originals were lost but plain ugly anyway so I purchased a set from a different model Silverado. The problem is and although the Front center caps fit perfect, the rear center caps fit too loose. About 1/4 inch width too loose. I need some way to eliminate the 1/4 inch gap from the screw on plastic cap nuts. A set of washers, spacers or shims... something that can fit around each plastic cap nut that still fits down in the well of the cap. Similar to the lock washer in the picture but with a wider inside diameter which will take up that slack.


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Jun 16, 2013
gets some black sheet abs and make your own washer using a hole drill bit for the inner size and then a dremel or equivalent to cut around the out side.... sand smooth there after. I got scraps of black sheet abs from a plastics supply company. Its easy to work with and strong.

follow up... if you get enough scrap sheet, you can clamp the sheet and use the hole bit for the center hole. then leaving it clamped in place, use a larger size diameter hole drill bit to cut the outside diameter using the existing pilot hole that was used to cut the original hole out.... the result should be a washer of the size you want / need. Of course, if you are lucky with the hole bit sizes.

Still further, I could cut a couple for you IF you have the size spec. and IF I have that hole size... :smile:
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