Just as I'm heading to work, my wife calls me and tells me she was just leaving work and the truck's transmission is acting up. She says "Listen to this..." and puts it in reverse. Sounded like grinding gears. I get there and reverse is dead. Drive it in the parking lot and it's grinding all over the place and shifting weird. CEL is also on. Obviously the tranny is toast. I was able to drive it home while the wife followed me in the Saab. It would grind almost constantly and to shift from 1st to 2nd I had to almost floor it and it would only shift at 5500 RPM. Reverse was completely dead and the parking pawl also was gone so had to use the park brake. Pulled the Codes, one for a stuck shift solenoid (no shit!) and P0420. So I decided to scrap it. No way I'm replacing the cat again! :biggrin:

I wasn't planning on this (we never do) and was really hoping it would last me this winter. At 301k Km, it just ain't worth the time or effort even though I have a spare tranny, but I'd have to pull it out of the donor truck too. Getting too close to winter. And this may be a reason for me to convince the wife that I should buy that Aero I just found and use my current 9-7x for winter.

I rolled the dashcam while driving it home. I'll post a video of the carnage if the sound was good. Expect a for sale post soon for you vultures.

I'll miss the ol' girl. She's the one that brought me into the GMT360/370 scene :cry:


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Damn that sucks man. Sorry for your loss..... :quiverlips:

I see another saab in your future.:celebrate:

Now get to chewing the wife's ear off about how good of a deal that saab is and at just the right time. It's your destiny :Rumour:
Another poor 02 bites the dust. Dang.


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Sorry for the luck, I sure can relate to trans troubles with our voy. It isn't worth a used trans swap?
No. Too old and the rust is getting bad on the doors, hood and quarters. I might have done it if it happened earlier while it was nice and warm but, time is tight and I just don't want to invest anything more into this truck.

Anyway, here's the video of the carnage of the last drive.

Hold on, it might get a reprieve. After my fun experience with getting a safety, I'm thinking of keeping it and replacing the tranny in the spring. The only time we need an inspection here is when a vehicle is transferred to a new owner. And since any "new" used vehicle I get would need an inspection and would likely fail, I am now thinking that I should just keep the TB and make it last forever. I have a tranny, just have to pull it out of the parts Saab, swap the bellhousing and slap it in.

May also depend on if I get that Aero. Working on scaring up some money.
After the truck sat since Nov, I am ready to move it to the driveway so I can strip it of what I want to keep and sell. I had already started taking a few things here and there. Already took off the LED tails (keeping for the 07 so don't ask! :biggrin:), the blacked out grill and the turn signal mirrors (already on the 07).

Swapped the battery with a working one, primed the fuel a few times, cranked 'er for about 20 seconds and she came alive! She still has a lot of life but the tranny and body say otherwise. Still no reverse but it has 1st gear. As soon as my son comes back from a parts run, we'll use the other TB to pull it back to the street so I can drive it into the driveway for the teardown.

I'll post a FS thread for you vultures :biggrin:
After all was said and done, this is what it came to:

Two hours later, flatbed pick 'er up and she was gone.

However, parts of her will live on, in all places, Sweden and France. @Harpo will be receiving the Lime programmed PCM and @trailblazer075 will get the front brake caliper brackets, pads and rear wiper motor. Locally, @WarGawd grabbed the four calipers, the cluster, one way rear washer valve and the 6 coils. Of course I kept a lot of spare parts for my Saab and '07 TB.

Goodbye old friend :sadcry: