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Well posting this here cause I don't have anything else to do.

This is my daily here in India. It's a 2005 Suzuki Wagon R. Cheap and barebones, but gets the job done. Hey it's got AC!!

Recently had the suspension done, all control arms, shocks etc..... Still rides rough compared to the TB πŸ˜‚. Had this done at the dealership as I could t be bothered to do it myself. Also the passengers side was roughed by the previous owner. Had that and the bumpers repainted. Again dealership. Couldn't be bothered to do it myself. And dealership is dirt cheap compared to Saudi 🀣.

20180903_102808.jpg 20180903_102701.jpg 20180903_111729.jpg 20180903_111725.jpg 20180903_111740.jpg 20180903_102625.jpg

Now what I've done so far

1. Put this analog clock in. Got it free as a gift from Amazon. Everyone thinks they're in a Bentley 😝

2. Changed the dash bulbs. Was waaaayyyy easier than the TB. Just twist type bulbs

3. Put some parking lamps on it. American style 😎

P. S. I'll post the pics after I've gathered them later in the day πŸ˜…

P. S 2. More on the way!!
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Needs some window tint, it's hot enough as it is over there.

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