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Apr 23, 2012
I'm in great need of replacing my motor mounts. I'm getting all of the classic symptoms (Roadie's 10Hz idle vibration in gear that is consistent with RPM and goes away after accelerating) and have the new mounts ready to go. I just don't know how to go about it.

The most documented method I've seen is unbolting the mounts and lifting the engine enough to clear the studs. Both of my CV axles needed replacing, so I recently pulled my passenger one to see what might work for me.

I didn't have enough time that night for both sides, so I was looking at any way to replace just the passenger mount. I got both mount nuts off fairly easily (thanks to creative use of wobble extensions) and wanted to try taking one of the mount brackets off. I tried the engine side bracket first. Supported the engine and took the three bolts I could see off. It still wasn't loose and the precarious places I was having to snake my hand through to get and hold of the bracket made me reconsider. I put the new axle in, buttoned it up, and called it a night.

Does anyone have any experience removing the motor mounts by taking the frame-side bracket off? It seems like it may be a much easier way to get the mount, but there must be some reason why lifting the engine seems to be the preferred. I'd appreciate any insight about what I might be getting into pulling that bracket as far as if it'll be hard to separate from the frame or if it'll be very hard to remove.

I do see that there isn't much information on this site yet about this issue. Would it be helpful if I took a bunch of pictures and documented the repair process for a how to for this site?


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Nov 19, 2011
Portland, OR
I did mine by unbolting the mounts only, then removing each CV shaft, and then jacking up the motor by the oil pan using wood blocks for safety, and tilting the engine a bit with the opposite motor mount for a pivot point. Somehow that seemed easier to me than getting the engine side bracket off, since I change CV shafts often.


Jan 24, 2012
Same here, no need to remove the frame side bracket. It is a tedious job but you must have patience.

Procedures are the same as Roadie stated. Unbolt one side completely (driver or passenger) and the other side you loosen the bolts but keep them threaded.

As a tip, (I'm sure it would had worked if I had thought of it while I was changing out the mounts) the side that you are swapping out, position the jack underneath the oil pan closer to that side.

Once you are done, reposition the jack closer to the other side so the engine would reach the maximum height that you can work with. My fan was touching the fan shroud when engine was lifted. I'm not certain if the top piece of the shroud can be loosed.

Also, if your mounts doesn't pass through the space you achieved, do not be afraid to shave some of the threading off. I think I cut 1/2" off my driver side top mount threads. I was soo close to slipping it in but the engine was to it's max (because the jack was set more towards the passenger side). I cut it off and hazzaa! I may have taken off more than I needed but it fitted in.

Don't forget the mounts have a certain position/keys that they must fit back into.


Jan 5, 2012
Just did this today, completely sucked except for the passenger side top bolt. I raised the engine so high that the tires came off the ground!:jawdrop2: Can't imagine my CVs were saying, "yeah, this is a good time!":uhno:

Anyway, on my list of don't do again items...

I have the regular size envoy with 4x4, so not sure if that made a difference from other posts who had EXTs and XLs.

Roadie was right about making it easier by removing the CVs.

Also, removing the computer was the right thing to do, took 10 extra minutes but it was worth it.

I used an impact wrench which also helped, gets a little heavy with the impact gun, and the extensions and swivels. Speaking of extensions and swivels, it's like a cruel puzzle when you're underneath the truck trying to figure which extensions/swivels to use and in what order.:confused:

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