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Well, it's time to start planning my spring truck maintenance. I am planning on servicing the rear axle when i add the massive adjustable parts. bearings, seals, fluid, and ebrake pads. there's a good walk through on the old site that doesn't seem too hard, but i still have reservations about cracking open the rear and pulling the shafts.

I'm a rear end virgin, lol. Anything else i should look at replacing while i have the rear open?


Pulling axles is easy, just don't spin the diff while the axles are out so that the spider gears don't move on you. Could do one side at a time to help prevent issues.Unless you're having bearing or gear noise I'd leave the carrier and pinion alone so you don't have to set the gears.

When you check the axle bearings also check the surface they ride on. If there is any pitting on the axle shaft then you'll need to replace the shaft. Don't even bother with those "repair" bearings as the tend to leak and are a bear to get the axles back out since you can't push them in as far to release the C clip.

That's about as far as I've ever gone with a rear end!


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when i put the rear in, i knew it had a seal leaking some on the passenger side, and needs the ebrake pads/shoes whatever replaced. i just wanted to get it in and make sure it was working before tearing into it.


Hopefully it is just a seal, but sometimes they leak because the axle has a worn groove in it.

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