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So, this PID will work on 06 but not for 02-05 vehicles?

The PID ~likely~ will work for an 06.

PID 0x1641 does not exist in the earlier P10 PCM, 2002-2005.

PID 0x1641 also does not seem to exist in the 2007 P12 PCM but I cannot confirm that until I get my hands on a 2007 P12 and ask it.


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The foregoing PIDs are mode 22 requests, the type normally used for acquiring data. The next ones use a mode 23 direct memory read to get data otherwise unavailable at least without onerous methods. As such I again must say I can only state that these work on my 2002 with factory calibrations. Eventually I will grab HVAC modules of varying years from the Upull for the purpose of nailing down these data points.

I just now confirmed that the mode 23 memory read of HVAC Module memory location 0x0020F8 also works in two manual control modules I grabbed from the Upull a few weeks ago. I tested against a #15132072 with a date of 18May 04 and a #10395426 dated 16Dec 05.

To refresh: this allows reading the status of the low pressure switch, the compressor feedback signal and the A/C Permission status.

The spreadsheet has all the needed info for Torque Pro. The equations are similar for Car Scanner or OBD Fusion.

In other business I have isolated the front propshaft speed, rear propshaft speed, and slip speed for the 5 different TCCMs that I have. Among the 5 TCCMs I have there are 3 different sets of memory locations for these 3 parameters. I also have the mode switch return voltage and the encoder position return voltage for these 5 TCCMs.

Not sure how best to organize all that so I'm sitting on it for now.


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Scanned and located the 4 HVAC actuator positions for those two manual control modules today. Both of those manual controls used the same memory address for the data but I have no vehicle to verify the operation with.

So I moved over to my 2002 with automatic controls and not surprisingly the addresses are different. But I located them in short order and tested in Car Scanner as seen below. My 2005 Yukon with automatic controls also uses different memory locations so I will sort them out next.

I was hopeful I might find some uniformity to these data points but it is looking like they will vary.



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Thomas… I was searching around for some After-Market OBD2 Scanner Graphing capabilities (other than using either a PICO or Hantek Scopes) for viewing the Rear O2 Sensor Behavior when Diagnosing a Poorly Performing Catalytic Converter (P0420 Code) and THIS Video from a Canadian VOP showed some real promise:

However, I was wondering whether or not Torque Pro is also capable of rendering Oscilloscope-Like Graphs in this same manner. If the Graph you just displayed above came gratis Torque Pro… it opens up so many more opportunities for viewing comparative Module and Sensor Data as Oscilloscope “Voltage Over Time” Graph Analysis On Screen with the X & Y Axis Parameters being clearly labeled.

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