Moraine, Ohio, Plant


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Just read an interesting bit about a Chinese billionaire, who owns a glass manufacturing business. Apparently in October, he opened a plant, Fuyao Glass in the former GM plant where our GMT360s were built. He stated that it was more cost effective to manufacture the glass there, than in China. It now employs 2000 workers and hopes to expand to 3000. Most likely not at former automotive wages, but hopefully, a sign of better times ahead.
Seems there is finally hope for businesses. I know a couple former small business owners that are now looking into opening something up with changes occurring.


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It's funny, we've had more Pool leads in the last month than the first half of the last couple of years. It does seem to be turning around.
Certainly good news for once. At least they're not making dildos in the old GM plant :biggrin:


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Just realized that my TB was built at Moraine too. Don't know how I've never actually noticed that over the years.


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Actually, I'm pretty sure the LWB were built in Oklahoma (City, IIRC). Although the engines might have been sourced from Romulus (not sure).

On edit: According to Wikipedia, it was definitely OKC. Sadly, the LWB were the last vehicles built there - that plant also closed (but they didn't get their own movie). GM spent $700 million retooling that plant to build the LWB & XUV.
Plant closings aren't new for sure. A brand new plant in Ste-Therese Quebec (opened in 1993) was closed after the 4th gen Camaro was killed in 2002. I mean like, who does that? Open a plant and close it just 9 years later.

BTW, @Reprise , like your sig :2thumbsup: