Michelin's New "Airless" Tire Design...


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Michelin has been developing a Tire/Wheel combined with an "Airless" internal structure that is supposed to debut in the Tire Market in 2024. To me, this design looks much too EZ2 sabotage in the absence of having some kind of a sidewall as a shield from oblique invasive objects getting inside of them (...like having sliding, overlapping, Teflon Coated Dragon Scales, perhaps?). Such a feature will be necessary to protect the tires from having things shoved in between those 'Spokes' and preventing them from rotating ...period.

They look pretty cool though...and quite reminiscent of the Titanium Wheels on the GM "Electric Lunar Cars" used so successfully on the Moon back in the 1970s and more recently on the Mars Rovers lately riding on the martian Surfaces. I suspect that the Off Road Vehicles will wind up becoming Michelin's Target Market if they succeed with their Testing and Trials of these State-Of-The-Art Tires. Low Speed activity seems to be the right realm for such things.

We'll See...

Some additional Ad Hoc Testing in Mud, Snow and Ice:

...and UPTIS Tires are mentioned here as "Working with General Motors...":

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They have been experimenting with this technology for a while now (2014?)..

It has not been well received by the off-road community, as you cant "air down" airless tires. On-Road, I have not heard anything.


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They work fairly well on skid steers and the like equipment. Only issue I see is that they must be quite heavy and I'd imagine more waste come time to replace tires.

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